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  1. June 2009
  2. Jemima Jones reviewed Nisyros in Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    "Nisyros is a conical volcanic island on the volcanic seem that also links Kos and Tilo covered in interesting craters and fumaroles which still steam and spit – the volcano is active but not erupting, the last eruption was a steam explosion in 1888…"

  3. Jemima Jones reviewed The Dovecote in West Country, United Kingdom

    A brick octagon with a pointed roof, once the home of more than a thousand doves, doesn't sound that romantic, but if you have a look the photo you'll quickly change your mind. It's sweet, and private and unusual and it only sleeps two – sounds like a n…"

  4. Jemima Jones reviewed Jura Lodge in Scotland, United Kingdom

    Whisky does suggest dark interiors done in rich woods and traditional shades, and populated with fat leather furniture, oils in the old fashioned pictorial sense and the heads of animals staring out at you from half way up the wall, and this image the Ju…"

  5. Jemima Jones reviewed The Dunmore Pineapple in Belfast, United Kingdom

    If it looks like a pineapple you should call it a pineapple. Built in 1761 this is a folly with a use, it was a hothouse and garden retreat on the grounds of Dunmore House – well a hothouse is essential if you're going to grow pineapples in Scotland, wh…"

  6. Jemima Jones reviewed The Summer House in Hereford, United Kingdom

    "The Summer House is an odd thing - an Elizabethan Banqueting Tower. It looks like a cross between a tower and a folly: a tower with a shorter, more rotund building attached to it, and a white roof like an umbrella, and would originally have been one o…"

  7. Jemima Jones reviewed Martello Tower in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    There are quite a number of these round, brick towers built up and down Britain's coast, constructed as part of the effort to fend off an attack by Napoleon, who was expected between 1805 and 1812. There are 29 between Aldeburgh and St Osyth Stone, and …"

  8. Jemima Jones reviewed Clavell Tower in West Country, United Kingdom

    Built in 1830 as an observatory and a folly, and now in the running to become a World Heritage Site, this tower stands alone against the wide sweep of Kimmeridge Bay. A definitely Tuscan-esque structure over looking a quintessentially rocky Dorset bay, …"

  9. Jemima Jones reviewed Bournella in Ionian Islands, Greece

    This villa is designed for romance, sleek in wood and stone arranged around a sloping infinity pool which starts at only ten centimetres deep and sinks to more than two metres, it has a sun deck with views out to sea off Corfu. Of course the bed has a c…"

  10. Jemima Jones reviewed Le Pigeonnier in Montauban, France

    The coo of doves is the perfect background for creating a romantic love nest, or a calming accompaniment to any break, especially a honeymoon, and if you didn't guess it from the name, this unusual gite used to be an 18th Century pigeon barn. Inside the…"

  11. Jemima Jones reviewed The Windmill in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    On Santorini you want to stay in something with smooth, rounded white walls and delicious views, as well as something private with a pool (or kidney shaped hydro massage pool with a jacuzzi in this case), and within a few minutes walk of the beach, and t…"

  12. Jemima Jones reviewed Chateau de la Bourdaisière in Loire Valley, France

    The Chateau de la Bourdaisière is about as close as you can get to moving into Versailles. It has the same lovely sweeping staircases, ornamental hedges in careful shapes, and the chateau itself maintains the perfect balance between the beautiful and th…"

  13. Jemima Jones reviewed Balfour Castle in Scotland, United Kingdom

    There's been a castle on this spot for longer, but this version of Europe's most northern castle was built in 1847; commissioned by David Bryce. Balfour was designed by an architect from Edinburgh, and it has the same pale grey stone, rounded turrets an…"

  14. Jemima Jones reviewed Burg Bernstein in Burgenland, Austria

    This castle on a rock has been under attack for a lot of the last thousand years – the Hungarians. Turks and Tartars have all tried to take it but no one had much luck because of the position and the solid defences, and invaders that were caught suffered…"

  15. Jemima Jones reviewed Castello di Pavone in Turin, Italy

    "The castle of Pavone began to sprout up on this rock guarding the route from Italy to France in the 9th Century, but was added to bit by bit, a tower here, some battlements there, some decoration to round it all off... by its various inhabitants until it…"

  16. Jemima Jones reviewed La Tour de Calanca in Corsica, France

    This tower was built in the 15th century as a watchtower looking out for pirates, so, despite the slit windows perfect for archers, the views off the Corsican coast to the bright blue gulf of Valinco are exceptional – especially from the roof terrace. T…"

  17. Jemima Jones reviewed Chateau de Mercues in Midi-Pyrenees, France

    Not all chateaux have the accoutrements of a castle, some are more manor houses or Halls, with a capital 'h', but de Mercues was, for seven centuries, the summer home of the Counts and Bishops of Cahors, and its rounded towers with pointed roofs, and gra…"

  18. Jemima Jones reviewed Ballyportry Castle in Leitrim, Ireland

    This tower has stood dramatically solitary on this cliff top for more than 500 years, testament to a time when an Irishman's home really was his castle. The tower rises square for 90 feet, out of a stone platform up to ridged battlements. Inside are th…"

  19. Jemima Jones reviewed Thornbury Castle in Bristol, United Kingdom

    At over 500 years old, and boasting a room once the boudior of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, this country castle hotel has a lot to give itself airs about. It's also the only Tudor castle open as a hotel, has some of the best original Tudor gardens in the…"

  20. Jemima Jones reviewed Blencow Hall in North West England, United Kingdom

    One of Blencow Hall's towers was built in the 15th Century, and the other in the 17th. Both fell into ruins after coming under fire from Cromwell's cannon balls in the 1640s, which is where the big gash in the newer tower came from. The hall and gateho…"

  21. Jemima Jones reviewed Langley Castle in North West England, United Kingdom

    This castle looks like a it was built by a sensible Lego practitioner – squat and square with few garnishes and arranged in an 'H' shape with four corner towers. It went up in about 1350, built by Sir Thomas de Lucy for the Barons of Tynedale. The basi…"

  22. Jemima Jones reviewed Ackergill Tower in Scotland, United Kingdom

    This tower started out in the late 15th Century as a fort, and its inhabitants, for the most part members of the Keith clan, spent a lot of time under siege from neighbours Clan Sinclair. So by the time Cromwell arrived to attempt to storm its walls the…"

  23. Jemima Jones reviewed Saddell Castle in Scotland, United Kingdom

    You can tell this castle meant business by the trapdoor by the front door which sent unwanted guests direct to a prison pit which had no other exit. This trap wasn't enough to protect the castle from English raiders of marauding Campbells, and additions…"