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  1. March 2010
  2. Jehnavi commented on Chinese New Year in Hong Kong in Hong Kong, China

    "In Hong Kong, Chinese New Year is considered to be the most important event. In Hong Kong the festival is special and unusual because it is celebrated according to the solar calendar. Chinese celebrates the New Year accordingly to the lunar calendar and …"

  3. Jehnavi commented on Vesuvius in Naples, Italy

    "An explosive eruption at Vesuvius could claim 16,000-20,000 lives without proper monitoring and mitigation.""" Honestly i think that 20'000 deaths is a very optimistic number. As you can see in my first photo and in a google earth image, within the…"

  4. Jehnavi commented on Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    "We have a lot to do, we have to become a better, fair country, we have to punish our corrupt politicians, we have to combat our urban violence, but YES, we have the most happy and beautiful people on Earth. If you have never been to Brazil before, please…"