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  1. March 2008
  2. Jazmine Altha reviewed Elphinstone Reef in Egypt

    In my opinion one of the best Red Sea dives. Ex Marsa Alam this reef is under quite a lot of water so larger fish as well as small reef fish gather here. At the edge of the reef you can look over the edge and see hammerheads off the wall. Marsa Alam i…"

  3. Jazmine Altha reviewed Isla Malpelo Diving in Colombia

    This bit of rock in the middle of the ocean doesn’t really qualify as a proper island it’s the rocky top of a volcano so you need to boat out to it but when you get there and get deep you’ll be in some of the clearest diving waters you can find. The wat…"

  4. Jazmine Altha reviewed Diving Darwin Island in Ecuador

    For large marine life there is no more famous spot. Whale sharks, hammerheads and dolphins are regulars around Darwin and Wolf Islands, Darwin being slightly more out of the way. The reef here houses a lot of smaller fish as well so there is colour as …"

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  6. Jazmine Altha rated Isla Malpelo Diving

  7. Jazmine Altha rated Diving Darwin Island

  8. Jazmine Altha reviewed Kavieng Dive Sites in Papua New Guinea

    "Chapman’s Reef is maybe the most famous of the dive sites off Kavieng, it’s a big amphitheatre of a wall on the end of a reef which creates a big protected area for bigger fish like jacks and tuna to school. Not that easy to get to you have to go out b…"

  9. Jazmine Altha rated Kavieng Dive Sites

  10. Jazmine Altha rated Diving the Thistlegorm

  11. Jazmine Altha reviewed Diving the Thistlegorm in El Gouna, Egypt

    "This has to be one of the world’s best known wreck dives. It’s an English supply ship torn apart by a German bomber, plenty of supplies are still down there and big ones at that, there are a couple of motorbikes, tanks, wellies, heavy and light artiller…"

  12. Jazmine Altha rated Sipadan Island Diving

  13. Jazmine Altha reviewed Sipadan Island Diving in Sabah, Malaysia

    "A tiny island but it has to be one of the best places in the world to dive for turtles. On the top of lots of best diving sites lists, there are a couple of great sites here, larger fish being the other big draw. Reef sharks, big parrotfish barracudas …"

  14. Jazmine Altha reviewed Porthkerris Reef Diving in West Country, United Kingdom

    "One of the best local dive spots, the water is chilly but the water visibility is better than along much of the coast. Peddles and rocks and basking sharks and cuttlefish, wrasse, mullet, dory and kelp. Two pinnacles are the main sites to explore where…"

  15. Jazmine Altha reviewed Dive Stingray City in

    A popular well known dive on a lot of lists of best dives, the main highlight is the chance to swim with the tame-ish local sting ray population. Graceful birds of the sea, rays will come up and eat from divers hands. Shallow water means they’re easy t…"

  16. Jazmine Altha rated Dive Yap Island

  17. Jazmine Altha rated Porthkerris Reef Diving

  18. Jazmine Altha rated Dive Stingray City

  19. Jazmine Altha rated Temple and The Gardens, Sharm El Sheikh

  20. Jazmine Altha reviewed Dive Yap Island in Micronesia

    …for the majestic Manta Rays. Watch them float, full of grace above you . Visibility is the main issue here and during the day fish keep to the corals so the best diving in at dusk. The main dive is fairly shallow so you hover above the reef generousl…"

  21. Jazmine Altha reviewed Temple and The Gardens, Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt

    The Temple dive site is a flat reef sloping to the sea bed with several pinnacles poking out of it which fish radiate to. The reef walls drips around 15 metres below. You get what you’re expecting to see in the Red Sea, bright orange anthias and the pos…"

  22. Jazmine Altha reviewed Great Barrier Reef in Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    "For the huge potato cod! These guys are massive slow moving things something like a cross between a pig, a fish and a lizard? weighing up to 150kgs! People have been attracting them here with food for years and they come in at regular times in between …"

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