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  1. July 2010
  2. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Classic Zambia Journey

    Ten day safari through Zambia, Africa."

  3. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Classic Sri Lanka Journey

    Two weeks exploring Sri Lanka."

  4. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Classic South Africa Journey

    Ten days visiting Cape Town and beyond."

  5. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Classic Peru Journey

    Spend two weeks exploring Peru."

  6. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Classic Namibia Journey

    Ten days exploring Namibia and it's natural beauty."

  7. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Ancient Mexico Journey

    Explore the ancient ruins of Mexico"

  8. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Classic Ecuador Journey

    Two weeks exploring Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands."

  9. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Introduction to Costa Rica Journey

    Two weeks exploring Costa Rica's vast natural environment."

  10. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Classic Botswana Journey

    Tweleve days exploring Northern Botswana."

  11. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Argentina Wildlife Journey

    Two weeks in Argentina visiting its expansive natural wonders."

  12. Jayne Potulny wrote a holiday idea Classic Argentina Journey

    Two week adventure to see the highlights of Argentina. "

  13. June 2010
  14. Jayne Potulny rated Notre Dame de Paris

  15. Jayne Potulny rated Chateau de Versailles

  16. Jayne Potulny rated Eiffel Tower

  17. Jayne Potulny reviewed Paris

    "Paris is amazing, there is no other way to put it. Every "rue" is picturesque with regal buildings rising at the end of tree-covered streets, and it only gets better at night when the entire city lights up. The Eiffel Tower sparkles every hour on the ho…"

  18. Jayne Potulny rated Paris

  19. Jayne Potulny commented on Dublin

    "I have heard Glasgow is really pretty and not nearly as touristy. I have never been, but hope that helps!"

  20. Jayne Potulny reviewed Dublin

    "I should have read this review a little better before I went to Dublin. It was, as it says, not a particularly pretty city. The Guinness factory tour was fun, and the gravity bar at the top has a great view of the city, but I would have chosen to go els…"

  21. Jayne Potulny rated Dublin

  22. Jayne Potulny rated Mona Lisa (Da Vinci)

  23. Jayne Potulny reviewed Colorado

    "I have travelled many places to watch my brothers play hockey: Germany, New York, Ohio, Canada, but the trip to Colorado still sticks out as the best. I was captivated by the snow-capped mountains that rise up around you everywhere you look, and the tal…"

  24. Jayne Potulny rated Colorado

  25. May 2010
  26. Jayne Potulny reviewed Cancún

    "This city has become legendary for college kids on spring break, and I know why. The legendary Senior Frogs was exactly what you expect, but instead of my original thought (I am gonna hate this), I didn't mind it. At least now I can say I did it! One cl…"

  27. Jayne Potulny rated Cancún

  28. Jayne Potulny reviewed Los Angeles

    "Everyone gets a sense of what LA is like from the movies, and for me, it was EXACTLY what I had expected, good and bad. The restaurants and bars on the 101 were amazing. We sat in a booth and had Thanksgiving dinner overlooking the waves crashing over …"

  29. Jayne Potulny rated Los Angeles

  30. Jayne Potulny reviewed New York

    "I went to New York about five years ago at Christmas time, and it was beautiful! It may be a little colder, but the snow really makes everything sparkle. We took a horse-drawn carriage through central park, and it really was like a winter wonderland. I…"

  31. Jayne Potulny rated New York