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We are a young, married couple at the beginning of a unique and exciting journey in lifestyle design. At only 24 years old, a reasonable amount of planning has made it possible that over the coming years we can do whatever we’d like (within reason) without another cent of income. Admittedly, it’s odd saying that in the current economic environment and we’re certainly not rich, but we’ve been prudent with our money and would have been ready in good times or bad.
You can learn some of how we did it on our blog, as well as hearing about our adventures in travel

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  1. March 2010
  2. Jay & Amy wrote a blog post Cabrera

    Our resort borders the small town of Abreu. West of Abreu is Rio San Juan, the fishing village which we wrote about previously, and east of Abreu is Cabrera."

  3. Jay & Amy wrote a blog post The Most Compelling Personal Finance Argument I Have Ever Seen

    "The fundamentals of personal finance are pretty simple: spend less than you earn, save the rest, invest in low-cost index funds, and always consider the costs vs. benefits of your actions."