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3rd September 2009

As an enthused student working on a degree in media arts and creative writing, I'm thrilled to find myself in any place new and inspirational! With the belief that laughter and love can heal, traveling allows me to spread both with the personal benefits of meeting amazing people and obtaining unique experiences. Andy Warhol's art says it best with the statement, "I think everybody should like everybody."

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  1. February 2010
  2. Jamie Lose rated Amish Country of Pennsylvania

  3. Jamie Lose rated Ladies Beach, Kusadasi

  4. Jamie Lose rated Oxford

  5. Jamie Lose rated Brighton Beach

  6. Jamie Lose rated Venice

  7. Jamie Lose rated Rome

  8. Jamie Lose rated Paris

  9. November 2009
  10. Jamie Lose rated Ephesus

  11. Jamie Lose rated Turkey

  12. Jamie Lose rated Rhodes

  13. Jamie Lose commented on Santorini in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    "Ride the Donkey's up. It's worth it."

  14. Jamie Lose rated Santorini

  15. Jamie Lose rated Athens

  16. October 2009
  17. Jamie Lose rated Philadelphia

  18. Jamie Lose rated Ocean City Beach

  19. Jamie Lose rated Sailing Chesapeake Bay

  20. Jamie Lose commented on Hiking Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    "Really fantastic stuff. Views you have to see to believe"

  21. Jamie Lose rated Hiking Arthur's Seat

  22. Jamie Lose reviewed Improv/Comedy Scene Chicago in Chicago, United States

    Known for its incredible variety of comedy and unique sense of humour, the improv and stand up scene in Chicago is a must. The comedy ranges from high end performers to free open-mic nights with loads of punch lines and jokes in between. The shear range …"

  23. Jamie Lose reviewed Glow Worm Caves in Queensland, Australia

    Hidden in the caves of Queensland's National Parks hide thousands of nature’s most unusual if not beautiful creatures; the glow worm.  The glow worm's evolved with a spectacular ability to produce strings of glowing pearls ultimately used as a…"

  24. September 2009
  25. Jamie Lose commented on Amish Country of Pennsylvania in US South East, United States

    "Growing up next door to Amish Country, I always find it funny when people find my home town, for lack of a better word, interesting. When things are simple and quiet it's easy to forget how incredibly interesting the Amish Culture really is. I also suppo…"

  26. Jamie Lose commented on Las Vegas Strip – The Strip in Las Vegas, United States

    "Truthfully, what happens in Vegas should probably stay in Vegas. Sound like your average weekend? This is the place for you. Forget your worries, inhibitions, and budget. Get out there."

  27. Jamie Lose commented on Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom

    "As a self proclaimed idiot when it comes to Science, I surprised myself when I found tears popping up over Newtons grave, standing on top of the man who discovered the gravity holding me there in the first place. The shear depth of the history is almost …"

  28. Jamie Lose commented on Walt Disney World in Orlando in Orlando, United States

    "Crucial to having a proper childhood."

  29. Jamie Lose commented on Alhambra in Granada, Spain

    "Perhaps one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. The history of the architecture and weight of its past are clearly near and dear to the culture of Granada. Spectacular to view at night; a friend of mine living in the city told me when she was yo…"

  30. Jamie Lose commented on Baltimore

    "If at all possible, go check out Inner Harbor on the 4th of July. The fireworks are spectacular! They are arranged on a barge right off the marinas and it's as if you have to lay on your back to see the full show, they are that close and grand. Great for…"

  31. Jamie Lose commented on Chicago

    "Such a young city! Everywhere you look there is someone with all their life ahead of them, waiting for their big chance or waiting to fall in love. Waiting for a job, for a pay check, for the bus, for a beer. Waiting to grow up, for the weekend, for the …"

  32. Jamie Lose commented on Toledo

    "Somehow no matter what turn you make or what direction you are going you find yourself walking up. This is quickly forgotten however once you take in the charming atmosphere and terrific scenery. With colorful market flags and smells, you feel completely…"

  33. Jamie Lose commented on Broadway in New York City, United States

    "For the show tune lover in us all, Broadway is as magical as it may get. While tickets may be expensive, there are always deals in Times Square waiting to be picked up for evening performances. A definite must for the full New York experience."

  34. Jamie Lose commented on Negril Beach in Jamaica

    "Check out Rick's Cafe while you're here. It's a definite tourist attraction tempting guests to cliff jump into "who knows how deep it is?" water. Locals will do death defying leaps from trees or structures on top of the cliffs for tips, applause, and att…"

  35. Jamie Lose commented on Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia

    "Definitely the place to be for surf, sun, and new experiences. As an admittedly awkward yet determined amateur surfer, the waves and turf got the best of me. However, the wide variety of surfing lessons and instructors out there offer most anyone a chanc…"