James Henderson

James Henderson is one of Britain’s most respected travel writers and the author of The Cadogan Guide to the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Known to most of its users and readers as 'the Caribbean Bible', the Cadogan Guide (published by Globe Pequot in the United States) is soon to go into its sixth edition.

James Henderson is an award-winning travel writer and contributes to many of the major publications in the British National press. He writes regularly for the Financial Times and contributes to the Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, Harpers and Queen, travelintelligence.com and many other newspapers and magazines.

He recently launched DefinitiveCaribbean.com. ‘There is so much which cannot be included in a guide book, for reasons of space and style,' comments James. 'You will find it on DefinitiveCaribbean. There are articles, restaurant and book reviews and hotel reports and of course we will keep you up to date with all the developments in the islands.’

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James Henderson's activity

  1. October 2008
  2. James Henderson reviewed Anse de Grande Saline, St. Barths in Anguilla, St Martin and St Barths

    Wonderful sand, in a large bay remote on the south of the island, completely undeveloped, but a couple of restaurants not far away (walkable) where you can head for lunch in the heat of the day. Nude at the western end."

  3. July 2008
  4. James Henderson reviewed Shoal Bay, Anguilla in Anguilla, St Martin and St Barths

    Anguilla's most famous and popular beach. Startling white, powder soft sand that stretches for miles. There is a string of beach bars, some smallish resorts, glass bottom boat trips, snorkelling (some of the island's best) and places to rent sunshades a…"

  5. James Henderson reviewed Shoal Bay, Anguilla in Anguilla, St Martin and St Barths

    A much quieter beach than its easterly namesake, but equally beautiful with a perfect crescent shaped bay, fine white sand with sometimes exposed rock, good swimming, and views to St Martin. There is a beach restaurant and two of Anguilla's architectura…"

  6. James Henderson reviewed Johnson's Point to Crab Hill in Antigua and Barbuda

    A fabulous strip of stunning white, sunset-facing sand running down to the south-western tip of the island between Crab Hill and Johnson's Point villages. It centres on Turner's Beach bar (the southern, Johnson's Point end) which is lively on weekends a…"

  7. James Henderson reviewed Crane Beach in Bridgetown, Barbados

    A glorious beach with soft, pink-tinged sand and startling turquoise water set in between limestone cliffs. A popular picnic spot with big waves, ideal for body-surfing and boogie-boarding. Note often strong undercurrents. There are two access points, …"

  8. James Henderson reviewed Little Bay in British Virgin Islands

    A small but wide beach, very private, and which is reached by a very rough road from East End. A north shore swell may produce an undertow here."

  9. James Henderson reviewed Devils Bay Beach in British Virgin Islands

    Stacks of boulders and excellent white sand. Good snorkelling nearby.You should take care when swimming off Devil's Bay in a northern swell, when the waves can be rough and there is a very strong undertow."

  10. James Henderson reviewed White Bay Beach in British Virgin Islands

    On the south, or 'back' side of Peter Island, a calm and usually deserted crescent of white sandy beach reached by private boat or a hike over the hill from the nearby beach resort, from where guests come to get away too. Good snorkelling."

  11. James Henderson reviewed Morne Rouge Beach, Grenada in Grenada

    Lovely enclosed, west-facing bay, separated from Grand Anse by a small but steep headland and consequently much quieter and lower key, except when an occasional party-boat puts in. There is a bar and deckchairs are available for rent. With calm water th…"

  12. James Henderson reviewed Negril Beach in Jamaica

    Great bars, music and sports, and endless sand to walk."

  13. James Henderson reviewed Pigeon Point in Trinidad and Tobago

    Picture postcard perfection, white sands and drooping palms over turquoise seas, and a quaint, thatched-roof jetty. Ever popular, snack, gift and souvenir shops, changing facilities and watersports operators, including an excellent windsurfing outfit. C…"

  14. June 2007
  15. James Henderson rated Frenchman's Cove

  16. James Henderson rated Negril Beach

  17. James Henderson rated White Bay Beach

  18. James Henderson rated The Baths

  19. James Henderson rated Orient Beach, St. Martin

  20. James Henderson rated Anse de Grande Saline Beach

  21. James Henderson rated Shoal Bay, Anguilla

  22. James Henderson rated Barbuda

  23. James Henderson rated Saltwhistle Bay

  24. James Henderson rated Paynes Beach

  25. James Henderson rated Anse la Roche

  26. James Henderson rated Englishman Beach

  27. May 2007
  28. James Henderson reviewed Englishman Beach in Trinidad and Tobago

    Wonderful, secluded, picture perfect beach, a gently curving bay fringed by coconut trees. Pure white sand and crystal clear water. Fabulous picnic and snorkelling spot."

  29. James Henderson reviewed The Baths in British Virgin Islands

    Recesses of perfect, crystalline blond sand between jumbles of huge boulders, which form a series of spectacular pools and grottoes flooded with sea water. An unforgettable setting. Some beach facilities, vendors with snorkelling equipment, drinks and t…"

  30. James Henderson reviewed White Bay Beach in British Virgin Islands

    White Bay Beach is a Caribbean classic, a truly fantastic stretch of sandy beach shelving into superb sea in a score of shades of blue, with a very small hotel and a couple of beach bars. White Bay Beach can be reached by boat or overland from Great Harb…"

  31. James Henderson reviewed Anse la Roche in Grenada

    A fantastic beach cove on the western side of the northern tip of Grenada. Very secluded, reached off a remote road by a path that leads down through the forest (it may be easier to take a water taxi from Hillsborough). Almost like a treasure hunt gettin…"

  32. James Henderson reviewed Orient Beach, St. Martin in Anguilla, St Martin and St Barths

    The liveliest stretch of sand on St Martin, backed by a string of restaurants and beach bars with watersports (particularly wind sports, it is on the Atlantic side). "

  33. James Henderson reviewed Barbuda in Antigua and Barbuda

    The finest sand in the area, 17 miles of it fringing the south and west of this little visited island. Blinding white, powder soft, and lapped by gin clear shallows. "

  34. James Henderson reviewed Negril Beach in Jamaica

    An almost uninterrupted five miles of golden sand (it is called Seven Miles Beach, but that includes Bloody bay to the north). Shoulder to shoulder bars, hotels with some watersports concessionaires to keep you busy. Negril beach is the liveliest in Jama…"

  35. James Henderson reviewed Grand Anse Beach in Grenada

    Two miles of golden sand, unsafe for swimming, one of the main sites for turtle watching tours between March and August."

  36. James Henderson reviewed Frenchman's Cove in Jamaica

    The prettiest and most charming cove in Jamaica, if not in the Caribbean. Frenchman's Cove consists of a lagoon which meanders around a bar of sand from one direction while the sea barrels in from the other, pinched between two tiny headlands that are ov…"

  37. James Henderson reviewed Saltwhistle Bay in Grenada

    In the north of the tiny island, a perfect curve of palm-backed Caribbean sand. Very good anchorage."

  38. James Henderson reviewed Paynes Beach in Barbados

    A superb stretch of brilliant white sand right at the heart of the famous West Coast, with hotels and private villas. "

  39. James Henderson reviewed Shoal Bay, Anguilla in Anguilla, St Martin and St Barths

    Startling white, powder soft sand that stretches for miles with plenty of bars. There is a string of beach bars, some smallish resorts, places to rent sun shades and loungers, glass bottom boat trips and snorkelling."

  40. James Henderson reviewed Diving Little Cayman in Cayman Islands

    Grand Cayman's lesser known and far less populous little sister - which has even better diving, probably. Bloody Bay Wall starts in 20 feet and drops to 6000 in the blip of a depth sounder. It smothered with superb corals, plate corals like pagodas and b…"

  41. James Henderson reviewed Diving Carriacou in Grenada

    If there is no absolute 'best dive site' but rather a best personal experience on a dive site, then a favourite of mine is Carriacou, where lobsters wiggled their antennae at me, the corals seem as bright as can be and barracuda shimmered in a circle aro…"

  42. James Henderson reviewed Diving Bonaire in Netherlands Antilles

    Bonaire is known for its slopes (rather than walls), and particularly its extremely colourful corals (clear water and bright sand reflect the light well). Well protected for many years, Bonaire is well set up and a satisfying destination. "

  43. James Henderson reviewed Diving Grand Cayman in Cayman Islands

    Grand Cayman is rightly known for its excellent wall diving all around the island, particularly off Seven Mile Beach in the west and off the North Sound, where on your return you will find the island's other keynote, Sting Ray City. "

  44. James Henderson reviewed Diving and Snorkelling Dominica in Dominica

    The boulder-strewn drop-offs off Dominica's coastline are as steep below the waterline as above on the island's incredibly rough mountainous terrain. The rocky shoreline provides excellent housing for small fish and coral in the far south around Scott's …"

  45. James Henderson reviewed Diving Turks and Caicos Islands in Turks and Caicos Islands

    On the south-eastern spur of the Bahamian chain, Turks and Caicos Island's walls (and chimneys and cut-throughs) see big ocean-going fish as well as excellent corals. The colours are vibrant because of the clarity of the water and the bright white sand. "

  46. James Henderson reviewed Diving Tobago in Trinidad and Tobago

    The East end particularly, where nutrient-rich waters feed an excellent array of fish, including pelagics and rays, and corals, among them the largest brain coral in the world, which is the size of a small house. Advanced diving due to strong currents."

  47. James Henderson reviewed Diving off Saba in Netherlands Antilles

    Saba is a tiny, steep sided Dutch island (the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands as it happens) in the north-eastern Caribbean, the final tip in the Caribbean island volcanoes. A lack of water run-off and minimal fishing (much of the island …"