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James Mundy spent 3 years living and working deep in the mountains of Gunma, Japan before moving for a completely different year in Tokyo. After working for a Japanese engineering company in the UK he joined a small dedicated team of Japan specialists called Inside Japan Tours (IJT). IJT was set up in 2000 and is the UK's longest established Japan specialist travel company. James and his colleagues have led tours and all over the country from Honshu to Hokkaido and Shikkoku to Kyushu and beyond. Whether you want to snow board in Hokkaido, dive in the subtropics of Ishigaki, hike with bears or drink with Geisha, James or one of the IJT team has probably done it already. Give him a shout!

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  1. October 2009
  2. James Mundy reviewed Viviers Cathedral in Rhone-Alps, France

    Viviers is a very important place in the history of the Catholic church and features in the stories of many of the great saints, which could be why this small settlement has it's own cathedral – qualifying it as a city, but a very small on at that.…"

  3. June 2008
  4. James Mundy rated Hagi - Samurai coastal town

  5. James Mundy reviewed Hagi - Samurai coastal town in Chugoku, Japan

    The laid back town of Hagi sits on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The town is famous for its top grade pottery but is dominated by the untainted samurai quarter of Jokamachi. The Jokamachi area consists of narrow streets lined with Japanese pine trees an…"

  6. May 2008
  7. James Mundy reviewed Japanese Snow Monkeys in the Nagano Mountains in Nagano, Japan

    Deep in the mountains of Nagano the small village of Yudanaka is home not only to skiers and hot spring aficionados but also to the famous Japanese snow monkeys who like nothing better than to take a hot spring bath themselves. Properly known as Japanese…"

  8. James Mundy rated Japanese Snow Monkeys in the Nagano Mountains

  9. James Mundy reviewed Tsurui, the Village of Dancing Cranes in Hokaido, Japan

    The Village of Tsurui located close to the Akan National Park in rural Hokkaido is most famous for the Tancho more popularly known as the Japanese Red Crowned Crane. The cranes are approximately 140 cm tall and are as white as the Hokkaido snow topped of…"

  10. James Mundy rated Tsurui, the Village of Dancing Cranes