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  1. May 2009
  2. Jade Cabbot reviewed Benirras Beach in Ibiza, Spain

    At the end of a long winding approach, this beach is about as far from the dance party as you can get while still staying on the island of Ibiza. This beachy bay has clean sand leading down the ocean, then a pebbly, rocky bottom, which keeps the water c…"

  3. Jade Cabbot reviewed Baia Chia in Sardinia, Italy

    The rounded dunes here get up to 30 metres high before breaking like waves over the flats of the beach and into the turquoise coloured water, and as the waves and wind come in from the other direction the conditions are perfect for surfing. This stret…"

  4. Jade Cabbot reviewed Mawgan Porth Beach in West Country, United Kingdom

    This beach is edged on one side by cliffs like a cake, topped in grassy green icing. Rock pools dip in at the bottom of the cliff and part of the beach is sheltered by it, the other buffeted by winds which make this a popular surfing destination – it's …"

  5. Jade Cabbot reviewed Shoe Bay in Scotland, United Kingdom

    "This tiny private island off the west coast of Scotland has one of the nicest beaches for miles – pale, clean sand against dark blue water and lush vegetation. But one of the main perks is that there's a very good chance you'll be able to walk a footpri…"

  6. Jade Cabbot reviewed San Vito Lo Capo in Sicily, Italy

    "The pretty town of 'Saint Vitus Cape' has one of Sicily's nicest beaches with white sand backed by high cliffs when runs between the town's bay and Mount Monaco and the cape of Solanto. At one end of it is the Zingaro Nature Reserve which is probably wh…"

  7. Jade Cabbot reviewed Ölü deniz in Aegean Region, Turkey

    This is one of the most photographed beaches in Turkey – which must say something about it being at least aesthetically pleasing with its long swoop of white sand, like one of those large Turkish swords, and water in a rainbow of blue shades fallin…"

  8. Jade Cabbot reviewed Pentrez Plage in Brittany, France

    The high, crenellated, cliffs of the Baie de Douarnenez make a striking backdrop for the rockpooling, crab hunting and shell collecting this beach is ideal for. Kite flying is another attraction, and there's plenty of space for other water and sand spor…"

  9. Jade Cabbot reviewed St. Brelade's Bay in The United Kingdom

    St. Brelade's Bay is probably Jersey's most popular beach. Surfers like the waves, families like the clean shallows, and sunbathers probably like the comfy sand. Cafes and restaurants keep visitors sated and beach volleyball nets, canoes and pedalos ke…"

  10. Jade Cabbot reviewed Bloemendaal aan Zee in The Netherlands

    This beach resort town has 4.3 kilometres of blond sandy beach along its coastline and behind them terrace bars and cafes, some which turn into clubs in the evening. Bloemendaal aan Zee is developing a reputation as the new Ibiza, but on the beach there…"

  11. Jade Cabbot reviewed Praia Dona Ana Beach in Portugal

    This is one of the most photographed beaches in Portugal. It's for the rock formations, which rise out of the water and just out from the dramatic cliffs forming the kinds of shapes that are easy for fishermen to turn into something more magical. The s…"

  12. Jade Cabbot reviewed Porto Santo Beach in Portugal

    There's not much to do in Porto Santo but revel along the nine kilometres of golden sandy beach met by water clear as crystal. There are snack bars and huts along the stretch of beach, offering some form of comfort or sustenance from showers and somewhe…"

  13. Jade Cabbot reviewed Maspalomas Beach in Spain

    These sands are golden and sculptured into dunes and flats just beyond a bright blue stretch of ocean. The dunes run back from the water for about a mile and the length of the beach spans about three kilometres between the towns of Playa del Ingles and …"

  14. Jade Cabbot reviewed Coto de Donana in Andalucia, Spain

    More than thirty kilometres of white, virgin sand rims the coast of this National Park and wetland reserve. You can only explore the park on foot or on your bike – no cars are allowed – but with a permit you are allowed to fish, for fish or cockles. …"

  15. Jade Cabbot reviewed La Pointe Beach, Cap Ferret in South West, France

    On the very edge of Cap Ferret, is the beach called 'La Pointe', the sandy expanse of which gets so buffeted by the winds and waves that tree trunk pillars have been hammered into it to help hold the beach together – the science of how this works in uncl…"

  16. Jade Cabbot reviewed Scopello Beach in Sicily, Italy

    Scopello is actually the name of the pretty stone town, a short drive from the beach, not the beach itself. Scopello means stone, with both the beach and the town are, so this could very well be the name of the beach as well – it being stony round the e…"

  17. Jade Cabbot reviewed Three Cliffs Bay in Wales, United Kingdom

    This is a particularly stretch of the Gower Peninsular just out of Swansea marked by the Pennard Pill stream running into the sea from the middle of the bay. The stream and the cliffs break up the bay into different named beaches, but they share the rug…"

  18. Jade Cabbot reviewed Sopot Beach in Gdańsk, Poland

    Sopot is a Baltic spa town, once the holiday choice for Polish aristocracy, and now popular with less well heeled visitors as well, catering to guests who like to shop, eat and drink well, take an interest in cultural and historic sites and enjoy beaches…"

  19. Jade Cabbot reviewed Warnemünde Beach in Rostock, Germany

    The water here is Baltic: in both the literal sense and the fact that it's cold. It's a lovely looking spot though, long and wide and bright white, not at all spoiled by the 19th Century lighthouse at one end and the people camping at the other. All al…"

  20. Jade Cabbot reviewed Gerakas Beach in Ionian Islands, Greece

    This beach is great for both kids and sea turtles. Though it may not seem the idea' combination, there are many similarities between what makes a good beach for a child and what makes a good beach for a sea turtle. For starters gently shelving, warm cl…"

  21. Jade Cabbot reviewed Little Banana Beach in Greece

    Q: What's curved and yellow and good for nudists? A: Little Banana Beach on Skiathos island. This island has more than 60 fine sandy beaches, but this one has a reputation as one of Europe's first naturist beaches. In the early days it was quite d…"

  22. Jade Cabbot reviewed Barleycove Beach in East Coast Ireland, Ireland

    This beach is a sandy delight amongst Ireland's many pebbly beaches. Its sandy apron sliding down to the water is backed by rounded dunes to hide amongst, which curve towards a river mouth, and behind that there’s a lagoon. The reason this beach …"

  23. Jade Cabbot reviewed Zahora Beach, Caños de Meca in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

    "Caños de Meca is a small coastal town that hasn’t lost the laid back hippy feel of the sixties, but in summer the chilled vibe livens up a bit and crews of surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers swarm out onto the waves, taking advantage of the great wind …"

  24. Jade Cabbot reviewed Cala d'en Serra in Ibiza, Spain

    This quiet, clean, white sandy, perfect horseshoe of a cove is far from the buzzing haunts of the beautiful people and club bunnies - this is the kind of beach Ibiza’s locals take their sun bathing and swimming pleasures. Between the rocks and the…"

  25. Jade Cabbot reviewed Cala Sinzias and Limone Beach in Sardinia, Italy

    Busy in summer, this beach is still one of the quieter, less spoiled spots on the Costa Rei – if broad sweeps of white sand are your beach-y preference. This beach is also more sheltered from the southeastern Sirocco winds that batter some of the coast,…"

  26. Jade Cabbot reviewed Pampelonne Beach in Provence-Cote d'Azur, France

    This is supposedly the 'beach of the stars' – the place where the beautiful people come to be seen, dropping in for a meal from a luxury yacht parked just off shore. In reality this is quite a long stretch of sand, and while some sections are exclusive …"

  27. Jade Cabbot reviewed Mar Menor Beach in Murcia, Spain

    This isn't an ocean beach – it's a beach on a lagoon. Europe's largest saltwater lagoon, just separated from the Mediterranean by a 24 kilometre long strip of land. The water is shallow, less than four metres deep, and warm, and conditions are perfect …"

  28. Jade Cabbot reviewed Utakleiv Beach in Nord-Norge, Norway

    This broad sweep of sliver sand edged by dark rocky cliffs and aprons of green is supposed to be one of the most scenic in Norway, as well as being one of the world's most romantic beaches. It's not for the sand or the water – for which the word cold is…"

  29. Jade Cabbot reviewed Haukland Sands in Nord-Norge, Norway

    This beach is the multiple time winner of the award for Norway's best beach. The Norwegian best beach judges must be into scimitar shapes in silver, glinting in the sunlight that never quite dies beneath the horizon, backed by the empty green top-hat-es…"

  30. Jade Cabbot reviewed Famara Beach in Arrecife, Spain

    This isn't the prettiest beach to look at, but it's a watersports-person's wet dream. It stretches for four miles of fine, brown sandy perfection – gently shelving, soft bottom sandy floored ocean on one side, craggy cliffs on the other. Then just add …"

  31. Jade Cabbot reviewed Porto Pim in Portugal

    Horta island is really just an apron around the volcano, and the volcanic sands that run into the sea are a best an attractive shade of grey, but this beach is a nice scooping shape and the water is crystal clear and bright blue even considering the colo…"

  32. January 2009
  33. Jade Cabbot reviewed Papagayo in Spain

    Though harder to get to than many of Lanzarote’s beaches, this beach, or really collection of beaches separated by tall cliffs is one of the most famous on Lanzarote. A National Park includes the coastline and beaches within its boundaries, which coul…"

  34. October 2008
  35. Jade Cabbot reviewed Nissi Beach in Cyprus

    This is the most popular beach on the island despite what some guides say about it being a secret or hidden gem – it doesn’t take long for that kind of secret to come out, but this must have been a very old secret, the BBC broadcasts live from the beach …"