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  1. August 2011
  2. Jack Davies commented on Kachin State Fair in Burma

    "The annual Kachin state festival, in the Burmese capital Myitkyina is a fairly big deal with many villagers coming from the hills representing all the various strands of the kachin peoples. There is much parading of costumes etc, lots of traditional Burm…"

  3. September 2007
  4. Jack Davies reviewed Bagan Temples in Burma

    "The temples at Bagan - getting quite toursity but still great to take out bikes in the early morning and explore the temples, roving over the sandy lanes with no one to really disturb you from the remnants of this once great empire."

  5. Jack Davies rated Bagan Temples

  6. Jack Davies reviewed Zay Cho Market, Mandalay in Mandalay, Burma

    By far the most incredible market I have ever seen - a sprawling, hectic, endless emporium of pretty much everything you could wish to buy. It gets going well before the sun comes up. Battling with carts, bikes, traders, shoppers amongst all the colou…"

  7. Jack Davies rated Zay Cho Market, Mandalay

  8. Jack Davies rated Kachin State Fair

  9. Jack Davies rated Haunting at the Station Hotel, Dudley

  10. Jack Davies rated Rhossili Bay

  11. Jack Davies reviewed Rhossili Bay in Wales, United Kingdom

    "The view of Rossilli beach, from Worm's head is spectacular (see the image). This is a typical view of the Gower Peninsula, Wales. The whole coast can be walked - ideal for trekking and camping/ beach/surfing activities."

  12. Jack Davies reviewed Aso Town Fire Festival, Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan

    Every march the town holds a fire festival in which the hill sides are burnt. A kanji symbol ('fire') is also burnt on a hill. This kills pests and means the hills bloom brilliant green in the summer months after the charring. There is also a more spirit…"

  13. Jack Davies rated Aso Town Fire Festival, Kumamoto Prefecture