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3rd April 2009

I am a guide in Lviv city (Ukraine). I just love my native city Lviv and my country. I offer multiple private tours around Lviv and Western Ukraine.

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  1. April 2009
  2. Ihor Okopny reviewed High Castle Hill in Lviv, Ukraine

    Downtown Lviv area is encompassed with several hills that have some perfect Old Town lookout points. The highest point is a High castle Hill with its observation platform - 413 meter above see level. That is a great place to catch some best panoramic vie…"

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  4. Ihor Okopny reviewed Lviv

    "If we take a pair of compasses, place their one arm in the circle with the name “Lviv” written beside it, the other arm – in the circle that says “Feodosiya” (the medieval trade city of Kafa), and start rotating this latter arm in the western direction, …"

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