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  1. October 2007
  2. Deleted Account rated The Gettysburg Battlefield

  3. Deleted Account reviewed The Ypres Salient in Belgium

    The last few years has seen a resurgence of interest in the First World War and a massive increase in the number of visitors to the battlefields of the Western Front. Some of the most visited battlefields are those of the Ypres Salient in Northern Belgi…"

  4. Deleted Account rated The Ypres Salient

  5. Deleted Account reviewed Battlefield of Antietam in Appalachian States, United States

    In Autumn 1862, having won a momentous victory at the Second Battle of Bull Run, General Robert E Lee launched an invasion of the Northern States with two principal objectives in mind. The first was to plunder the farms of Maryland and Pennsylvania, in …"

  6. Deleted Account rated Battlefield of Antietam

  7. September 2007
  8. Deleted Account reviewed The First and Second Battles of Bull Run in Centreville, United States

    For the battlefield enthusiast one of the greatest sources of battlefields, outside Northern Europe, is the United States of America. Here the country’s short, but at times, bloody military history has been well preserved and offers many opportunities f…"

  9. Deleted Account rated The First and Second Battles of Bull Run

  10. Deleted Account rated Battlefield of Verdun

  11. Deleted Account reviewed Battlefield of Verdun in Alsace-Lorraine, France

    When one thinks of holidays in France it is usually the beaches of the South or the ski resorts of the Alps that spring to mind. However, for the traveller in search of more intellectual that physical stimulation, the North of France has much to offer w…"

  12. August 2007
  13. Deleted Account reviewed The Gettysburg Battlefield in US East Coast, United States

    Without doubt one of the finest battlefield experiences in the world is to be had at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, the site of one of, if not the, decisive battle of the American Civil War. In June 1863 Robert E Lee, the commander of the Confederate Ar…"