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13th February 2008

Hello everybody
these are underwaterpictures with my sealife dc600!!first year experience!!
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  1. February 2008
  2. HyperIII reviewed Villers deux églises in

    normaly i dont like carieres,but sometimes i go with diving friend!! Its normaly clear water!!but cold!!"

  3. HyperIII rated Villers deux églises

  4. HyperIII reviewed Learning to Dive in the Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt

    "The most beatifull place to dive!! Always good sight,warm water and lots of life to see! Liveaboard!!One week at sea,and 4 times a day diving!! Also at night!!"

  5. HyperIII rated Learning to Dive in the Red Sea

  6. HyperIII reviewed Diving in Zeeland(the Netherlands) in The Netherlands

    Here i like the most diving in Zeeland(the Netherlands)The underwaterlife is very nice and various!! The place we dive is called de delta,Oosterschelde or "grevelingen"see map But the weather is sometimes bad also the seeing!!not like in Egypt where yo…"

  7. HyperIII rated Diving in Zeeland(the Netherlands)

  8. HyperIII rated my first underwaterfotos

  9. HyperIII reviewed my first underwaterfotos in

    These are my first results of one year underwaterfotografie!!"