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  1. May 2011
  2. H.T. Hallum reviewed Agia Triada Monastery in Greece

    "Built in the 17th century by two brothers, both in the monastic sense and the biblical sense. They came from a wealthy family and converted to the Orthodox faith, upgrading their local church in the process. Byzantine, with three domes, and two domed c…"

  3. December 2009
  4. H.T. Hallum reviewed San Miniato al Monte in Florence, Italy

    The San Miniato al Monte is probably worth visiting for its exterior – it's so flat it looks almost like a theatrical set, but a very beautiful one at that with white and pale grey marble lines and neat arches. But inside are some art treasures to…"

  5. H.T. Hallum reviewed Ognissanti in Florence, Italy

    Meaning All Saints, Ognissanti was a 13th Century Franciscan church which was redesigned in the Baroque style in the 17th Century, also when a facade by Matteo Nigetti was added, and it became one of Florence's most appreciated Baroque buildings.  B…"

  6. October 2009
  7. H.T. Hallum reviewed Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucester, United Kingdom

    Gloucester’s Norman Cathedral was founded as an abbey dedicated to Saint Peter in 678, and thus its full title is the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and the Holy and Undivided Trinity, though the foundations for the modern cathedral were laid in the…"

  8. H.T. Hallum reviewed Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland, United Kingdom

    It might be geeky to appreciate a viaduct. But if any are worth appreciating then this one is worth it. Firstly it's in a gorgeous location in Scotland's West Highlands overlooking Loch Shiel. Secondly it was one of the largest engineering undertaking…"

  9. H.T. Hallum reviewed Montségur Chateau in South West, France

    This fort, sitting, king of the castle, on top of Mount Pog, was one of the final strongholds of the Cathars, though the ruins sitting on the spot today are from the 1600s, in the post-medieval royal French architectural style. The mythology surrounding…"

  10. H.T. Hallum reviewed Vathypetro in Crete, Greece

    Vathypetro is, or was, a Minoan villa, built along what would have been the road from Knossos and the Messara Plain and Phaistos. It's thought that the villa was damaged in several earthquakes and rebuilt afterwards, but some of the villa has survived, …"

  11. H.T. Hallum reviewed Polyrinia in Crete, Greece

    Polyrinia was one of the most fortified towns in ancient Greece – because it was one of the most important. It was built on top of a hill, with a view over both the Cretan and Libyan seas, and commanded a beautiful view over the western end of the…"

  12. September 2009
  13. H.T. Hallum reviewed Dar al-Magana (Clockhouse of Fes) in Fes, Morocco

    The Dar al-Magana was the clock of Fes, a weight powered water clock built in the middle of the 14th Century which worked using a system of 13 brass bowls on platforms that filled with water at a regular pace marking the time. Each bowl had a correspo…"

  14. H.T. Hallum reviewed Fortezza Castle in Crete, Greece

    After the Ottomans took Cyprus, the Venetians started to build defensive forts and castles all over Crete to protect it from falling as well. While they look strong enough to be forts there's a certain grace to some of them that ties them in to the styl…"

  15. H.T. Hallum reviewed Fragokastello Fort in Crete, Greece

    Fragokastello is a small seaside village on the south coast of Crete – where it's quieter. This is not a big town, though it's pretty, and the visitors come to see one thing then tend to shoot off to the nest thing, and the thing that they come to…"

  16. August 2009
  17. H.T. Hallum reviewed Farjam Collection in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    This impressive collection of pieces of Islamic art is best experienced with the audio tour.  The collection is big, and covers a truly vast swathe of history, so that it's far better experienced with some commentary, as very few people know enough …"

  18. H.T. Hallum reviewed Shindagha Village in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Al Shindagha is a village or neighbourhood near the mouth of Dubai's creek, where the city meets the sea. This is one of the oldest parts of town, and was the location of the city's first settlement, and now a section of it has been set up as a kind of …"

  19. H.T. Hallum reviewed Dubai Museum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The Dubai Museum is aptly positioned inside Dubai's oldest building, the Al Fahidi Fort, which dates from 1787. This is the Emirates' main museum, designed to present to visitors the way of life of the people who live here, both in traditional and moder…"

  20. H.T. Hallum reviewed Phaselis in Aegean Region, Turkey

    Phaselis was built by the people of Rhodes in about 700BC, opposite their own harbour. These two harbours, and those that dwelt around them then became some of the most influential and important in the region. This didn't escape the notice of the Persi…"

  21. November 2008
  22. H.T. Hallum rated Valmorel

  23. H.T. Hallum rated Flaine

  24. H.T. Hallum rated Soldeu

  25. H.T. Hallum reviewed Flaine in Rhone-Alps, France

    CAR FREE seems to be the big seller here. But free lifts connecting some two of the main sections of resort at 1600 and 1700m are another bonus. Built when it was trendy to go to BIG, NEW resorts Flaine is a bit of a symphony in concrete, which isn’t …"

  26. H.T. Hallum reviewed Valmorel in Rhone-Alps, France

    Location is quite a lot which it comes to skiing. Not only does it determine snow cover, but it’s certainly nice to ski amongst the peaks. And you can ski down them as well of course. In this case it’s the Cheval Noir Peak. The rest of the view is wo…"

  27. H.T. Hallum reviewed Soldeu in Soldeu, Andorra, Spain

    Pretty small and preety fun is the general verdict on Soldeu. The village has some good clubs, bars and restaurants and it’s pretty cheap. Perfect for a bit of inexpensive boozy fun really. Best for beginners who can ski right round the resort and in…"

  28. October 2008
  29. H.T. Hallum reviewed Borovets in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

    The packed snow is better late in the season and intermediate ideal."

  30. H.T. Hallum reviewed Ski and Snowboard Åre in Norrland, Sweden

    Scandinavia is really high up, right? So snow and ice and what not right? So why are do people ski Europe:ski the Alps? Who knows. Åre is Sweden’s biggest and most organised resort and full of Swedes up for the weekend from Stockholm. Bu…"

  31. H.T. Hallum reviewed Snowboarding Engelberg in Switzerland

    Off piste adventures here you come – right down the beautiful vertical drops and out the chutes at the other end – but be careful – this is avalanche country. The skiable area is laid out all over like a fluffy white quilt just waiting for you to put yo…"

  32. H.T. Hallum rated Snowboarding Engelberg

  33. H.T. Hallum rated Snowboarding Obertauern

  34. H.T. Hallum reviewed Snowboarding Obertauern in Salzburg Province, Austria

    Freeriders come out and play and cut fresh tracks into the snow. Start on piste, cut off the tracks and then catch it up later. Get a guide to get the best out of Obertauern, but don’t be afraid to come out of season – there’s snow for days and if it g…"

  35. H.T. Hallum reviewed Alpes d’Huez Snowboarding in Les Deux Alpes, France

    Night riding and drag lifts, overwhelming terrain choices and back country aching to have tracks laid onto it. Heaps of snow and you don’t need to worry about finding the right run for you – you’ll be spoilt for choice, another of those places you can’…"

  36. H.T. Hallum reviewed Big White in Kelowna, Canada

    What’s in a name – yep, it’s big, Canada’s second largest after Whistler and it’s white, it gets pretty reliable white stuff. Up until 2006 you used to get the queues you’d expect from a resort this big and white but they upgraded the lift system and it…"

  37. H.T. Hallum reviewed Grand Targhee in Mountain States, United States

    Lots of red runs, so mid level talent rejoice and look like the pros of the field. Comfort is the other winner, heated pools and outdoor spas, comfort dining and a less demanding gaze – this resort sets itself up to be like a big country town with a bre…"

  38. H.T. Hallum rated Skiing Lake Louise

  39. H.T. Hallum rated Grand Targhee

  40. H.T. Hallum rated Big White

  41. H.T. Hallum rated Ski Keystone

  42. H.T. Hallum reviewed Ski Keystone in Mountain States, United States

    Grown up stuff over snow junkie appeal, but that’s just the marketing not the actual slopes speaking. Keystone has classic terrain with some more trees, more bowls and some more mountains thrown in. Lots of angles, some vertical, lots of bumps and swerv…"

  43. H.T. Hallum reviewed Skiing Lake Louise in Manitoba, Canada

    Not Banff but almost – big chewing it up scenery and what appears to be unlimited dreamy off piste. Wild and wonderful, this is big, clean, open, mountain terrain complete with gullies, bowls, big bowls and chutes perfect for sound skiers who like to ge…"

  44. H.T. Hallum reviewed Steamboat in Steamboat, United States

    Beginners, beginners, beginners – come here for Wallyworld and the powder snow of your dreams and the backdrop to match your expectations of the skiing life. Come also intermediate level guys lovin’ the packed red, ‘cause though a lot of the runs are b…"