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26th August 2008

Howie Artliler is an ardent traveller and writer. Most of his work appears on his blog.

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  1. July 2009
  2. Howie Artliler reviewed Triglav National Park in Villach, Slovenia

    This park is named for the mountain it skirts, Mount Triglav, which is Slovenia's tallest mountain.  The tri bit might be for the three rocky peaks, but in other sources the name is credited as coming from a Slavic god.  Either way the mountain…"

  3. Howie Artliler reviewed Postojna Caves in Slovenia

    That this 20km long cave system is one of the biggest visitor attractions in Slovenia says one of two things – you can probably infer what those things are, but be assured that it's the good one that is the case – that this is a really, reall…"

  4. August 2008
  5. Howie Artliler reviewed Terra Mítica in Benidorm, Spain

    For parents trying to get their progeny interested in the ancient world, Terra Mitica may prove a useful starting point? It’s a theme park based on the ancient civilizations. ‘Egypt’ has a log ride called ‘Falls of the Nile’, a boat ride called ‘Alexan…"

  6. Howie Artliler rated Terra Mítica