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27th June 2008

Howard Amble is an archaeologist with an interest in walking and a walker with an interest in archaeology, depending on whether he's at work or on holiday. He joined the Experts list after pointing out some vital sites the editorial team had omitted.

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  1. July 2008
  2. Howard Amble reviewed Phaistos in Crete, Greece

    One of Crete’s great and grand Minoan cities destroyed by an earthquake in the Bronze Age, Phaistos’s palace was rebuilt multiple times after earthquakes until the whole city was eventually shaken beyond repair. Apart from the earthquake risk it was oth…"

  3. December 2007
  4. Howard Amble reviewed Acropolis in Athens, Greece

    Not the only acropolis in Greece, this is the one people are generally referring to, a plateau of rock on which to build the greatest parts of Athens, its temples, palaces and most important buildings. The first known structure to stand here was built i…"

  5. Howard Amble reviewed Persepolis in Iran

    Translated to Persepolis or ‘The City of the Persians’ by the ancient Greeks, the original name for this Iranian city was Parsa. The first complex was built here in the 6th Century BC, but building continued over the next hundred years and beyond, befor…"

  6. November 2007
  7. Howard Amble reviewed Crete in Crete, Greece

    Archaeology and mythology go up against sparking blue seas and soft sandy beaches when it comes to the best of Crete. Knossos and Phaistos calls people from across the seas but then so do photos of the coastline and those quintessential Greek island vil…"

  8. April 2007
  9. Howard Amble reviewed Archaeological Museum of Delphi in Central Greece, Greece

    Items relating to the oracle make up the core of this collection and are some of the most compelling that exist from this time and period. There is also a focus on the architecture of the period, fascinating to consider what did and didn’t survive the m…"

  10. Howard Amble reviewed Pompeii in Naples, Italy

    If you don’t know of Pompeii you should go to great lengths to find out about it, and there are many ways of doing so, the BBC has made an excellent series, there are several great books or you can visit, but find out about it before you do. Covered u…"

  11. Howard Amble reviewed Akrotiri Town Excavations in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    The ‘Minoan Pompeii’, Akrotiri suffered the same fate, buried under volcanic ash after Santorini’s volcano experienced a particularly dramatic eruption around 1450 BC. Amongst the impressive frescos and architecturally advanced three storey dwellings di…"

  12. Howard Amble reviewed Delphi in Central Greece, Greece

    She was one of the few women with any power in ancient Greece, the priestess who presided over the oracle at Delphi, reading prophecies inspired by great god Apollo between the 8th Century BC and around 400 AD. She appears in many stories, in turns danc…"

  13. Howard Amble reviewed Knossos in Heraklion, Greece

    The story of the Minotaur, his imprisonment in the Labyrinth and his death is one of the best known stories in Greek mythology and this site is supposedly where these events took place. Scholars debate the use of the work Labyrinth and what it could me…"