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  1. September 2007
  2. hennersclarkeson rated Wines and vineyards of Burgundy

  3. hennersclarkeson reviewed Wines and vineyards of Burgundy in Burgundy, France

    "If I was going to choose to drink wine from only one region for the rest of my life it would be Burgundy. That way I would be allowed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in a variety of styles. And that’s what I’m talking about, variety, the wines here really pr…"

  4. hennersclarkeson rated Loire Valley Vineyards

  5. hennersclarkeson reviewed Loire Valley Vineyards in Loire Valley, France

    "The Loire has an excellent range of wines and flavours. If you’re not sure what you like you’ll be able to taste a range here from the crispest of the crisp Sauvignon Blanc to the smooth warmth of the Pinot Noirs which reflect the terroir so purely, to …"

  6. hennersclarkeson reviewed Champagne in Reims, France

    "I do like Champagne. And I appreciate the arrogant way the producers have managed to brand their beverage so successfully to keep it top shelf (not that all of the Champagne in Champagne is…). I also love that one of it’s founding fathers was a monk. …"

  7. hennersclarkeson rated Champagne

  8. hennersclarkeson reviewed Piedmont in Piedmont-Northeast, Italy

    "In my mind Italy is awash with vineyards in stunning locations. You’ve got your rows on the hilltops and your neat fields in valleys amongst the russets and orange colours Italy is famous for. They also take their wine seriously and have done for gener…"

  9. hennersclarkeson rated Piedmont