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28th April 2008

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Working as a PADI Diving Instructor has allowed me to dive some of the most beautiful places on the planet with some of the people who know them best. I pretty much live the dream, though some of it, the bits where you're lugging gear around waiting for work does take the edge off it slightly. If you're reading this in your bankers office building (my degree is in economics)there's not much to take heart from there is there...so come dive with me...

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  1. April 2008
  2. Helena Hamilton reviewed Diving Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea

    This area is a mix of pristine coral reef and muck, not a normal combo but it make sense ‘cause the muck is full of food for the reef and reef critters. Not yet an over used, worn out destination there is still a chance to see some pretty rare things li…"

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  5. Helena Hamilton rated Diving off Kangaroo Island

  6. Helena Hamilton rated Jervis Bay Underwater

  7. Helena Hamilton reviewed Palau diving highlights in Palau

    Most people would put Palau in their top ten diving destinations, its got warm water, good visibility (50 - 60 metres) and reams to look at as well as lots and lots of colour from the bright blue water to the critters, some of whom are neon! The main s…"

  8. Helena Hamilton reviewed Jervis Bay Underwater in New South Wales, Australia

    This is the cooler bit of Australia so people don’t always think of it as being great for diving, but it’s really well known for its whales and dolphins so there has to be something going on down there… And there is - lots. The main perk of this kind o…"

  9. Helena Hamilton reviewed Diving off Kangaroo Island in South Australia, Australia

    On the cooler edge of Australia technically facing Antarctica and getting hit by the winds that blow off it is Kangaroo Island. You’d think the cooler water (around 20 degrees) and winds would make diving here a bit of a waste of time but it’s not. On …"