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8th July 2010

My passion is travel. I live a large part of the year in Cape Verde a place I love ... it feels like my soul home and whenever I'm there I feel I've come home even though I love the UK. There is so much world still to see.
My mum brought me up to be believe you can do anything .. if you want it enough and that's how I try to live my life.
I set up www.whattowearonholiday.com because I recognised that when I was about to travel, I would spend hours if not days tracking down friends who had visited the area or trawling websites just to find out what I should take... so the website was born.

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  1. July 2010
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    "There are no fish markets as such but if you go tothe pier at Santa Maria in the morning when they land their catch you will see a spectacular sight. They clean and sell the fish on the pier. For walking Fogo and Santo Antao and Sao Nicolau are lovely."