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25th April 2007

Hamish has been fascinated by volcanoes since he was eight and he had to study them as a school assignment. At this time in his life Hamish liked to model himself in Indiana Jones. Since then he has tried to learn as much about them as possible, hoping to bring what Indy brought to archaeology to volcanology. He is now completing his Geomorphology Masters and has spent time working at several different seismic centres. When Hamish travels his preferred destination is somewhere with a volcano. His next trip will take him (hopefully) to the summit of Mount Killimanjaro.
Hamish isn’t only about volcanoes, he’s also developed his adventurers charm as a leader in the outward bound program, and by spending a year volunteering as an aid worker in Kenya.

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  1. February 2012
  2. Hamish Holl reviewed Gocta Cataracts in Peru

    At 771 meters (2,530 feet), this is one of the world's tallest waterfalls. Depending on your workings it comes out between third and 16th tallest. You can hike up to the base of the falls, seeing it rise spectacularly as you do, via a track that takes …"

  3. July 2009
  4. Hamish Holl reviewed Mount Bromo in Indonesia

    Gunung Bromo is part of the Tengger mountains, not the highest point, but because it's an active volcano it's one of the best known. Ibromo is often photographed smoking, or emitting sparks of ash. Despite the danger, two people were killed on the volc…"

  5. January 2009
  6. Hamish Holl reviewed Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania

    Thought of more as one of the world’s tallest mountains, Kilimanjaro is actually a stratovolcano. It isn’t currently active but the fumaroles or vents in the sides of the main summit occasionally emit hot gases. They say that an active person can clim…"

  7. December 2007
  8. Hamish Holl rated Crater Lake

  9. Hamish Holl reviewed Crater Lake in US West Coast, United States

    Crater Lake, though not a volcano in the usual sense, is one of the most dramatic non-erupting volcanoes to visit, because it was created by a volcanic eruption 42 times that of the 1980 St. Helens eruption. It's a vast caldera that has filled with wate…"

  10. November 2007
  11. Hamish Holl reviewed Ayutthaya Historical Park in Ayutthaya, Thailand

    These ruined 14th to 18th Century temples and palaces date from a period when Ayutthaya was a separate Thai kingdom and these are the remains of its capital. In its heyday it had close ties with European nations and its 17th Century ambassadors compared…"

  12. June 2007
  13. Hamish Holl rated Masaya

  14. Hamish Holl rated Mount Fuji

  15. Hamish Holl rated Diamond Head

  16. Hamish Holl rated Sunset Crater

  17. Hamish Holl rated Craters of the Moon

  18. Hamish Holl rated Mount Tambora

  19. Hamish Holl rated Pico de Teide

  20. Hamish Holl rated Novarupta

  21. Hamish Holl rated Mt Pinatubo

  22. Hamish Holl rated Diving Dutch Springs

  23. May 2007
  24. Hamish Holl reviewed Stromboli in Aeolian Islands, Italy

    If you are trying to see a volcanic eruption the most reliable volcano is Stromboli, because there are small but dramatic looking eruptions happening several times a day and gas can almost constantly be seen billowing from the crater."

  25. Hamish Holl rated Old faithful & the Yellowstone Caldera

  26. Hamish Holl reviewed Old faithful & the Yellowstone Caldera in Mountain States, United States

    Underneath Yellowstone National Park is one of the earths biggest supervolcanoes, and scientific studies have recently shown that seismic activity there is increasing. The whole Yellowstone system is expected to blow at some point in an eruption 2,500 …"

  27. Hamish Holl rated Santorini Volcano

  28. Hamish Holl reviewed Santorini Volcano in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    This area is renowned for it’s historic volcanic activity, memorably the destruction of the Minoan empire and the burial of one of it’s cities. Some people (mostly people who live there) believe that Santorini was the fabled sunken island of Atlantis. …"

  29. Hamish Holl rated Vesuvius

  30. Hamish Holl reviewed Vesuvius in Naples, Italy

    This is probably the worlds best known volcano. As well as visiting Pompeii and seeing the damage a volcano can do to a city, Vesuvius is an impressive backdrop for any trip. It’s also relatively easy to get to, you can drive up to within 200 metres o…"

  31. Hamish Holl reviewed Mount St Helens in US West Coast, United States

    Mount St. Helens is one of this centuries most destructive volcanoes. In 1980 it was responsible for the death of 57 people and the devastation of 250 homes and 300kms of highway. Since 1980 a glacier has rapidly formed in the shadow of the crater, to…"

  32. Hamish Holl rated Mount St Helens

  33. Hamish Holl reviewed Krakatau in Indonesia

    Krakatoa is another one of the big, destructive names in volcanoes. It is worth visiting today because the island is rebuilding itself after being almost totally destroyed in violent past eruptions, especially the main event in 1883. There is a small …"

  34. Hamish Holl reviewed Arenal in Costa Rica

    Arenal is a another good choice if you want to see an active volcano. It has Stromboli type eruptions which are fantastic to watch, especially at night because the lava lights up the surrounds and the rocks seem to glow and pulsate. You can also swim …"

  35. Hamish Holl reviewed Etna in Catania, Italy

    Mount Etna’s summit changes with each eruptions so it’s a constantly changing and dramatic looking mountain as well as one of the world most active volcanoes. It is also one of the worlds most studied volcanoes. Eruptions of Mount Etna have occurred f…"

  36. Hamish Holl reviewed Kilauea in Kilauea, United States

    Kilauea is in direct competition with Stromboli for the title of the worlds most active volcano. If you’re trying to see lava flows Kilauea is probably your best bet, it’s been flowing intermittently since the early 80’s. In the 90’s it was called the…"

  37. April 2007
  38. Hamish Holl reviewed Masaya in Nicaragua

    Masaya has, during several eruptions, spurted fire from it's summit, it also used to have a molten lava lake, so it's thought of as one of the worlds most exciting volcanoes. Masaya also emits large quantities of hot sulphur gases. You can drive almost…"

  39. Hamish Holl reviewed Craters of the Moon in Mountain States, United States

    Not actually a volcano, more of a volcanic site, the Craters of the Moon is a flood basalt area and lava field. There are excellent examples of almost every kind of hardened lava here as well as great lava tubes to explore."

  40. Hamish Holl reviewed Mount Fuji in Fuji, Japan

    Mount Fuji is an attractive and classical looking volcano, the subject of much famous art. The Japanese guide books tell you it’s symmetrical, which it is probably surprisingly close to. It’s classed as a young volcano, but only because it has only ex…"

  41. Hamish Holl reviewed Pico de Teide in Spain

    Teide is part of a National Park and has a public road running across it's caldera, allowing visitors easy access to within about 250 metres of the summit. You can also ride most of the way up it in a cable car. To go to the very top you need a permit,…"

  42. Hamish Holl reviewed Sunset Crater in Southwest Desert, United States

    The ground near the top of the volcano is brightly coloured due to the effects of the hot gasses that once spewed from the mouth, hence the name. There is also an impressive lava flow beneath the summit. Vegetation now grows inside the crater."

  43. Hamish Holl reviewed Novarupta in Alaska, United States

    This caldera volcano was formed during the biggest eruption of the 20th Century. It's surrounds are now a strange smooth and rocky environment worth visiting for it's eerie and immense formations."

  44. Hamish Holl reviewed Mount Tambora in Indonesia

    Tambora is worth visiting for the remains that scientists have been digging up since 2004 of those killed in the huge 1815 eruption (it's sometimes called the Pompeii of the East) and the beautiful island surroundings. You can drive most of the way up t…"

  45. Hamish Holl reviewed Diamond Head in Honolulu, United States

    Diamond Head is one of the easiest and least dangerous volcanoes to visit. It is unlikely that it will ever erupt again and it is located on a beautiful tropical island. You can walk all around the crater on a comfortable paved trail and through a tun…"

  46. Hamish Holl reviewed Mt Pinatubo in Santol, Philippines

    This volcano is not only responsible for the second largest eruption of the 20th century, it also occurred in most people's living memory. The huge eruption in June of 1991 generated an ash column 7kms high. You can still visit the post eruption destru…"