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  1. July 2010
  2. hamid reviewed Egypt

    "Imam Square was built in 1598 A.D during the reign of Shah Abass first the Great. This immense square measures 162 meters from east to the west and 512 meters from north to the south. Imam Sq, or as it was originally called Naghsh-e Jahan, is the second…"

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  4. January 2010
  5. hamid reviewed Egypt

    "it is said to be that ugrait in syria is the land of alphabet, can one tell me in which time founded the alphabet?"

  6. December 2009
  7. hamid commented on Egypt

    "Hello averybody, i want to recommend my country iran, iran is located in middle east and its the biggest country in there, the area of iran is 1,478,658 km the populations is: more than 72,000,000 people the capital is: tehran the most important ci…"