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Dr. Greg Brick has taught geology at the college level for 5 years. He has been caving for more than 20 years, and published a 223-page guidebook, “Underground Iowa,” in 2004, and a 226-page book, "Subterranean Twin Cities," in 2009. He is editor of a international caving publication and recipient of the 2005 Peter M. Hauer Award from the National Speleological Society for research in cave history. He has appeared on the History Channel program, "Weird U.S."

Subterranean Twin Cities

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  1. January 2014
  2. Greg Brick reviewed Roaring River Cave and Blue Hole Gardens in Jamaica

    At our all-inclusive Riu resort in Negril, “Roaring River Cave” was listed on the taxi-stand as a separate destination. The cave is located in Petersfield, Westmoreland Parish, about one hour’s drive from Negril. Originally developed as…"

  3. Greg Brick rated Roaring River Cave and Blue Hole Gardens

  4. September 2013
  5. Greg Brick reviewed St. Michael's Cave, Gibraltar in Spain

    While part of a tour package, we were allowed a few hours in Gibraltar, just at the tip of Spain. The Rock is honeycombed with artificial galleries and natural caves through which tours are given. Certainly the best known cave on the Rock is St. Michael'…"

  6. Greg Brick rated St. Michael's Cave, Gibraltar

  7. June 2011
  8. Greg Brick reviewed Naples Catacombs in Naples, Italy

    Several Italian cities have catacombs beneath them. During a visit to Naples in 2011, I paid 8 Euros for a tour including the San Gennaro and San Gaudioso catacombs, carved in the tufa bedrock beneath the Capodimonte heights above the city. Unlike the b…"

  9. Greg Brick rated Naples Catacombs

  10. April 2011
  11. Greg Brick reviewed Caving at Barra Honda in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is well-known for eco-tourism, and a tour frequently offered through various travel companies is the trip to the caves of the Barra Honda karst. On our trip, the bus was parked at the base of the massif, and it was a very steep and fatiguing h…"

  12. Greg Brick rated Caving at Barra Honda

  13. June 2010
  14. Greg Brick reviewed The Great Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt

    Of the 3 pyramids at Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo, the one most famous for its extensive interior tomb passages is the Great Pyramid (of Cheops), but at the time of my visit (May 2010) the tourist authorities were only permitting visits to the interio…"

  15. December 2008
  16. Greg Brick rated Sea Lion Caves

  17. Greg Brick reviewed Sea Lion Caves in US West Coast, United States

    The Sea Lion Caves is a commercial operation located along Oregon’s scenic coastal highway, U.S. Highway 101, about 12 miles north of the town of Florence. The caves were formed in basalt by wave action and house a native population of sea lions an…"

  18. Greg Brick rated Snorkeling at Hidden Worlds Cenotes

  19. Greg Brick rated A-J Mine

  20. Greg Brick reviewed A-J Mine in Alaska, United States

    The Alaska-Juneau Mine, or A-J for short, which operated from 1882 to 1942, was the most productive gold mine in North America for a while. It has been converted into a museum that is heavily patronized by cruise ships doing the Inner Passage, which is h…"

  21. Greg Brick reviewed Snorkeling at Hidden Worlds Cenotes in Mexico

    A cenote ("say-no-tay") is a flooded sinkhole, often leading into a cave. Along the Mayan Riviera in the Yucatan, south along the coastal highway from Cancun, cenotes abound, and are often commercialized for snorkelers and divers. Hidden Worlds Cenotes i…"

  22. January 2008
  23. Greg Brick rated Niagara Falls

  24. Greg Brick reviewed Niagara Falls in Buffalo, United States

    Many waterfalls, great and small, have a breezy space behind the sheet of falling water called a “Cave of the Winds," sometimes regarded in legend as the dwelling place of a thunder god. The problem with these tourist attractions is that the owners…"

  25. October 2007
  26. Greg Brick reviewed Ape Cave Lava Tube in US West Coast, United States

    According to the U.S. Geological Survey website, this is the longest lava tube in the conterminous US, at 3.9 km, having formed "about 2,000 years ago." The cave is well posted, being a unit of Gifford Pinchot National Forest, just east of Coug…"

  27. August 2007
  28. Greg Brick reviewed Journey Behind the Falls (Canada) in Buffalo, United States

    Many waterfalls, great and small, have a breezy space behind the sheet of falling water called a “Cave of the Winds," sometimes regarded in legend as the dwelling place of a thunder god. The problem with these tourist attractions is that the owners don’t…"

  29. Greg Brick rated Journey Behind the Falls (Canada)

  30. Greg Brick reviewed Mammoth Cave in Appalachian States, United States

    The Mammoth Cave of Kentucky is the longest cave system in the World, with 367 miles (591 km) of surveyed passages as of 2006. Several million years old, it occupies half a dozen levels in a 300-foot thickness of flat-lying limestones. Each successive le…"

  31. Greg Brick rated Mammoth Cave

  32. July 2007
  33. Greg Brick reviewed Gypsum Cave in Las Vegas, United States

    If you tire of your losses in the casinos of Las Vegas, and would like a quiet cave for some philosophical reflection, go to Gypsum Cave, on the outskirts of the city. Gypsum Cave is best known for the remains of the extinct Ice Age ground sloth, excavat…"

  34. Greg Brick rated Gypsum Cave

  35. Greg Brick rated Newark Earthworks

  36. Greg Brick reviewed Newark Earthworks in Lakes Midwest, United States

    The Newark Earthworks in the state of Ohio is one of the largest geometric mound complexes in the Americas. Originally covering about 4 square miles, they were constructed 2,000 years ago by the Hopewell Indians. The earthworks line up with some basic as…"

  37. Greg Brick rated Hocking Hills Caves

  38. Greg Brick reviewed Hocking Hills Caves in Lakes Midwest, United States

    The Hocking Hills of southern Ohio were just beyond the glacial boundary during the last Ice Age. As the continental ice sheet retreated, the resulting meltwater carved gorges, some more than a hundred feet deep, in the reddish Blackhand Sandstone of the…"

  39. Greg Brick rated Baumannshohle

  40. Greg Brick reviewed Baumannshohle in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

    Hohle, related to the English word hole, means cave in German, and so this is Baumann’s Cave. Friedrich Baumann was an iron miner in the Rubeland (Rough Land) of the Harz Mountains when he discovered this natural cave in 1536. Guided tours began more tha…"

  41. Greg Brick rated Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave

  42. Greg Brick reviewed Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave in Salzburg Province, Austria

    This is one of the world’s premiere ice caves open to the general public, as its name, which means “World of the Ice Giants,” would suggest. It is located in the Calcareous Alps of Austria, near the town of Werfen, 40 km south of Salzburg. The entrance …"

  43. Greg Brick reviewed Exploring Surtshellir Lava Tube in Iceland

    Iceland formed atop a hotspot on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as a mass of congealed lava flows over millions of years. One fairly recent lava flow, in a geological sense, contains Iceland’s best know cave, an enormous lava tube, which can easily be expl…"