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9th December 2008

Graeme says: Ever since I lost 11lbs off my waist and left a jowl behind somewhere in Dorset after only 6 days at my first boot camp, I became such an instant fan of the enormous physical and psychological benefits so quickly derived that I have researched every camp in England and turned myself, by a series of accidents, into The Boot Camp Guru. Nine knackering months later the First National Boot Camp Survey is finished, minutes before I was. Don't spend your money until you've read it!

Graeme Harwood is a Contributing Editor at Worldreviewer. He is also the author of two books - Caissa's Web:The Chess Bedside Book and The Eng Lit Kit, A Comic History of English Literature by Professor Diggory Tweedcroft; co-author of one book - The Eye Witness Travel Guide to Croatia; and a prolific travel journalist who's sleuthed the best food and lodging over Russia, Antigua, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Mauritius, Morocco and Cuba. Knowing the Continent and its languages too he has, for the last 25 years, been retained on a free-lance basis by Trafalgar Tours to conduct their Top Tours Of Europe. He is 6'1 and stable at 14 stone.

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  1. March 2012
  2. Graeme Harwood reviewed Back2Basics Bootcamp in Lake District, United Kingdom

    "Reader, I owe you an apology. I should have visited and reviewed this camp long before now - because Back2Basics Boot Camp, founded way back in 2008 by Joe Ayo & Wayne Butterfield, is the undisputed star of the North. In fact, Joe's first words to m…"

  3. Graeme Harwood reviewed Phoenix Bootcamp in Wales, United Kingdom

    "It is an amazing tribute to all the precise work and background thinking which Susie Sore & Rob Kelly have put into Phoenix Boot Camp that, only nine months after opening in February 2011, it's already won the National Award for ' Best Holistic Bo…"

  4. November 2009
  5. Graeme Harwood reviewed Bootcamp Beach in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

    Since first opening up in 2009, little under two years ago, Bootcamp Beach has absolutely taken off. In fact, so popular has it become that even after doubling the number of camps it offers, it's still the hardest bootcamp to get into. So, boo…"

  6. September 2009
  7. Graeme Harwood reviewed Prestige Boot Camp in West Country, United Kingdom

    In March 2009, Prestige's very first camp won it the national award for 'Best Women's Boot Camp'. By March 2011, Prestige Boot Camp is now handling more female clients than any other boot camp in the country! Needless to say, its national award is still …"

  8. Graeme Harwood rated China

  9. Graeme Harwood reviewed Apples and Pears Retreat in West Country, United Kingdom

    Apples & Pears Retreat is one of England's top camps because it occupies a rarely taken spot in the boot camp market: it's always and only a mixed M/F venue; it's great value for money; and with capacity for only 14 'retreaters' at a time - one third…"

  10. November 2008
  11. Graeme Harwood reviewed Ostinatto Hostel in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Well known in 20-something backpacker circles, this hostel has a pretty average shower to bed ration – about one to ten – but makes up for it with beautifully 1920’s design improved with a touch of minimalist architecture – white walls and big skylights …"

  12. Graeme Harwood reviewed Hostel of the Sun in Naples, Italy

    It’s the little things that people seem to miss when they’re backpacking away from home. Their dog, their playstation…but in this case they don’t have to, the Hostel of the Sun has a playstation room, as well as SKYTV and a DVD library – not that you’ll…"

  13. October 2008
  14. Graeme Harwood reviewed Playa Ballenas in Cancún, Mexico

    The colour of the ocean changes dramatically as it rolls into this beach changing from royal blues to almost electric blue to white as the waves crash. That much foam keeps the sand looking more latte than milk, but it’s soft and sunny and there is plen…"

  15. August 2008
  16. Graeme Harwood reviewed Jungfrau in Grindelwald, Switzerland

    Jungfrau, meaning maiden or virgin is the highest peak amongst the angels of the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Apls. She’s mostly famous as the sister of the infamous Eiger, but she’s much easier to scale, especially now that a railway now runs u…"

  17. Graeme Harwood reviewed Hofburg in Vienna, Austria

    Marie Antoinette’s birthplace, the Hofburg housed the Habsburgs in winter and is now the official home of Austria’s President. Many architects have added their signatures to the building since it began to grow in the 13th Century and it’s had many wings…"

  18. June 2007
  19. Graeme Harwood reviewed Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia, Australia

    I visited Uluru with my family when I was eight years old (it was still called Ayres Rock then.) and even then I remember being incredibly impressed by it. It lights up the surrounding desert like a fluorescent orange beacon and grasses and trees grow …"

  20. Graeme Harwood reviewed Laoxiancheng Panda Reserve in North Central China, China

    Furry, friendly faced and huggable looking, Giant Pandas are the poster children of the endangered animal lists, but very difficult to meet in the wild. Their remaining high altitude bamboo forests are heavily protected and their dwindling numbers monit…"

  21. Graeme Harwood reviewed Digby Neck's Whale Migration in Nova Scotia, Canada

    Digby is a long narrow rocky peninsular on the tip of Canada, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and a protected bay on the other, and is a great spot to watch the annual whale migrations. Many different types of whales pass along this coast and rest h…"

  22. Graeme Harwood reviewed Unique Creatures of Park National de Montagne d’Ambre in Antsiranana, Madagascar

    Social, large eyed lemurs, suction footed geckos, brightly coloured rainforest frogs and camouflage artist chameleons are only some of the unique animals who call the lush rainforests of Park National de Montagne d’Ambre their home. The park has seven d…"

  23. May 2007
  24. Graeme Harwood reviewed Monarch Migration in Mexico in Mexico

    Set aside a day for this experience, as you hike up into the mountains of Michoacán to find the forest filled with orange and black butterflies. Trees turn into living organisms as the branches give way to millions of these delicate creatures and the ai…"

  25. Graeme Harwood reviewed Last of the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda

    This park is the home of half of the world's 600 remaining giant Mountain Gorillas, the rest live in nearby Virunga Volcanoes Conservation Area. Limited numbers of daily visitors scramble through the equatorial forests, hoping to catch a glimpse of one …"

  26. Graeme Harwood reviewed Turtle Hatching Season in Costa Rica in Costa Rica

    Visit this Caribbean country during the nesting and hatching season of the Green Sea Turtle and witness a timeless tradition. Female turtles drag their bodies out of the water to the very same beach where their lives began and lay their eggs. Guides …"

  27. Graeme Harwood reviewed Vulture Restaurant at Lammergeyer Hide in Kwazulu, South Africa

    Once thought to be extinct because of its shy nature, the Lammergeyer, or Bearded Vulture as they’re also known, are lured, for your viewing pleasure, to this remote small stone building in the mountains to feed on animal carcasses. Lammergeyer are on…"

  28. Graeme Harwood reviewed Niagara River in Ontario, Canada

    The 56 km long Niagara River is most famous for its three vast horseshoe shaped falls which are one of those to-see-before-you-die sights. The falls divide the US and Canada, two of the falls are in the US and the third in Canada. Visitors can get a mo…"

  29. Graeme Harwood reviewed Dive on the wreck of the Papoose in Charlotte, United States

    "This wrecked petrol tanker was torpedoed by a German U boat and suck in 120 feet of water. The wreck is in pretty good condition and attracts sand tiger sharks."

  30. Graeme Harwood reviewed Diving off Zakynthos in Ionian Islands, Greece

    This island has reefs, caves and several drop offs and is great for seeing sea turtles - they have been laying their eggs here for thousands of years - and the rare Monacus-Monacus seal. There are also both ancient and modern wrecks to explore around Sh…"

  31. Graeme Harwood reviewed Ocean Cove Diving in US West Coast, United States

    Ocean Cove is good for both shore and boat based diving. The sea floor is rocky and divers can explore the strange kelp forests and meet the most common locals, the rockfish. This is an excellent site for beginner divers because it's not too deep and…"

  32. Graeme Harwood reviewed Dive and snorkel Korumolun Island in Honiara, Solomon Islands

    The Korumolun Island dive site is made up of several wall ledges where a huge variety of colourful marine life make their homes. There's a rock wall and several interesting rock formations overgrown with corals. Nearby dive site, Mirror Pond, is more…"