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  1. January 2010
  2. Grace reviewed Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi, Vietnam

    The Dong Xuan Market is an indoor market that's been created mainly for tourists – but that's not a reason not to visit: its stalls selling souvenirs, artefacts, lots of different foods and local tours. It's the food that you should really go for …"

  3. Grace reviewed Festas Juninas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    The European festival of Saint John takes on a whole new look and life in Brazil where it's been morphed into a kind of mini carnival with a rural theme. The Portuguese introduced the festival, but while its held at the same time, around the European Mi…"

  4. Grace asked a question about Bargain Travel Destinations for 2010

    "What about Hong Kong or the Phillipines for 2010?"