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My company, gloCaltravel, offers alternatives to mass tourism holidays, co-operating with local guides and communities in Mexico & Central America to improve their economy and protect their environment.

Our website provides detailed information about the featured countries and destinations, an overview about their history, culture and traditions, and tips and suggestions helping travelers to make the most of their trip, enjoying the local life, in a way that contributes directly to the local communities. The lodging section lists independent hotels, B&Bs, camps, haciendas and ecolodges, avoiding hotel chains and mass tourist resorts. Accommodation can be searched by area and type, and travellers will find a detailed description for each of the featured properties - with emphasis on their eco-policies - and a rich photo-gallery, with some extra information about the surrounding areas.

Ecotours range from daily activities and excursions to longer trips exploring different regions, and are all focused on nature watching and on the discovery of the amazing archaeology and culture of Latin America, with interaction activities with local communities. Adventure activities often included in the tours are trekking, mountain-biking, rafting, kayaking, climbing, flying, diving and snorkelling. Other cultural activities are food and drink tasting, cooking and handcraft courses.

Through our blog, activities and campaigns we are also dedicated to raising awareness amongst tourists of the importance of environmental conservation, and to cooperate with local operators for a more sustainable development of the tourist industry.

Our eco-policies:

gloCaltravel operates a first selection on the same destinations, trying to avoid mass tourism resorts and all inclusive holidays which prevent travellers for spending their money outside their artificial paradise, whereas the local communities suffer with the exploitation of their natural environment and their labour force, with a very little benefit for their internal economy.

We mainly promotes destinations off the beaten tracks, focusing on areas offering peculiar eco-systems and bio-diversities, and historical and archaeological parks.

Accommodation and tour providers are carefully selected among those who show an approach to the tourist development based on sustainability and respect for the environment, applying natural design principles, practising ecology policies (i.e. recycling, waste control, and energy and water savings), and creating an atmosphere where visitors can have an authentic travel experience. Participants to cultural and nature tours are accompanied in small groups by anthropologists, biologists and local guides, cooperating with the native communities.

Although we are based in London, unlike other operators we spend at least a couple of months per year in Mexico, going on tours, trying accommodation options and meeting the local guides in order to have first hand knowledge of the holidays we sell through our website. We prefer checking their eco-behaviour on the spot instead of simply relying on their published policies about sustainability and environmental conservation.

We provide also information about NGO's operating on the Mexican territory and shopping tips which follow principles of social equity and fair trade.

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  1. June 2008
  2. Barbara reviewed San Cristobal de Las Casas in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico

    One of Mexico's most beautiful colonial towns, San Cristobal de las Casas is located at 2,120m (7,000 feet) above sea level, in a lush green valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains, canyons, spectacular waterfalls and large areas of tropical rain fores…"

  3. Barbara rated San Cristobal de Las Casas

  4. Barbara rated Ecoparaiso Xixim

  5. May 2008
  6. Barbara reviewed Patzcuaro Eco-Hotel in Mexico

    Traditional architecture, solar power, rainwater harvesting, use of recycled material and beautiful energy-efficient rooms with decorations from local artisans are the features which made us choose this property, which overlooks the Patzcuaro lake offeri…"

  7. Barbara rated Patzcuaro Eco-Hotel

  8. Barbara rated Posada del Artista

  9. Barbara rated Casa de Las Rosas

  10. Barbara reviewed Casa de Las Rosas in Morelia, Mexico

    The most charming place you can choose for a romantic escape in Morelia. We have been fascinated by these suites, which are luxurious and equipped with every comfort, but at the same time extremely cosy and unpretentious. Hosted in a period colonial b…"

  11. Barbara reviewed Posada del Artista in Morelia, Mexico

    Located in the colonial city of Morelia, this is the place for people who love art and look for privacy and tranquility. It hosts a wide variety of the works of the worldwide famous sculptor Felipe Castaneda. Read more and book it on gloCaltravel http…"

  12. Barbara reviewed Villa del Ensueno in Guadalajara, Mexico

    The Villa is an independent property and features 8 Junior suites and 12 standard and deluxe rooms decorated in typical Mexican colonial and folk style Read more and book it on gloCaltravel…"

  13. Barbara rated Villa del Ensueno

  14. Barbara reviewed Quinta Don Jose in Guadalajara, Mexico

    Beautiful boutique hotel just minutes away from the vibrant city of Guadalajara, in Tlaquepaque's Old Town District. There you will discover delightful galleries and museums, inviting restaurants housed in 18th century colonial buildings, and a truly sup…"

  15. Barbara rated Quinta Don Jose

  16. Barbara reviewed Mansion Iturbe in Mexico

    Historical inn in the heart of Patzcuaro, one of the most picturesque towns in Mexico. It has 12 rooms individually decorated with antiques and Purepechan Art Read more and book it on gloCaltravel…"

  17. Barbara rated Mansion Iturbe

  18. Barbara reviewed Puesta del Sol B&B in Guanajuato, Mexico

    Casa Puesta del Sol (The Sunset House) is a unique B&B in a villa located on the side of the hill - overlooking San Miguel de Allende Read more and book it on gloCaltravel"

  19. Barbara rated Puesta del Sol B&B

  20. Barbara reviewed Meson de Los Poetas Hotel in Guanajuato, Mexico

    Located in a big colonial house right in the cultural heart of Guanajuato. Unique for its colonial architecture and Mexican decoration, this big house is a little town within the town, with shaded patios and balconies, coloured tiles and beautiful stair…"

  21. Barbara rated Meson de Los Poetas Hotel

  22. Barbara rated CocoCabanas

  23. Barbara reviewed CocoCabanas in Mexico

    CocoCabanas are elegantly rustic solar powered beachside bungalows located on Mexico's stunning Central Pacific Coast, also know as the Costa Alegre (Happy Coast) Read more and book it on gloCaltravel…"

  24. Barbara reviewed Mar de Jade Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Mar de Jade is located on a half mile stretch of pristine beach - approximately 1 and a half hours north of Puerto Vallarta. The whole-life-wellness center, 'Los Remedios' offers also a steam room, and treatment rooms with breathtaking views. Large ret…"

  25. Barbara rated Mar de Jade Retreat

  26. Barbara rated Present Moment Retreat

  27. Barbara reviewed Present Moment Retreat in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

    Present Moment Retreat is located on Troncones, on some 3 miles of pristine Pacific beach in the state of Guerrero, just north of Ixtapa. You will have the opportunity for physical, spiritual, and mental rejuvenation through yoga, meditation and the he…"

  28. Barbara reviewed Los Colibris B&B in Mexico

    Los Colibris (The Hummingbirds) is in one of the most beautiful spots in Todos Santos. Each of the rooms has amazing views of the Pacific ocean, overlooking a freshwater estuary and a palm grove oasis to the front, and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains t…"

  29. Barbara rated Los Colibris B&B

  30. Barbara reviewed Danzante Eco-Resort in Mexico

    Danzante is a unique eco-tourism resort that is 100% solar-powered and surrounded by spectacular scenery... It is remote, but not rustic with rooms offering all comforts and breath-taking ocean views Read more and book it on gloCaltravel…"

  31. Barbara rated Danzante Eco-Resort

  32. Barbara rated Torres del Fuerte Hotel

  33. Barbara reviewed Torres del Fuerte Hotel in Mexico

    This hotel is conveniently located one block from the main square of the town El Fuerte, the most convenient place to board the CHEPE train towards the Copper Canyon and Chihuahua. The hotel is family run, and it has been the family's hacienda for over…"

  34. Barbara reviewed Rafting down the Lacanja River in Mexico

    The descent down the River Lacanja is not white water rafting, it is rather a river that has waterfalls and stretches of flat water (class I). There is only a part with larger class III falls (maximum 2.50 meters high). This is a very scenic trip during…"

  35. April 2008
  36. Barbara reviewed Islands of the Gulf of California in Mexico

    Bahia de Los Angeles is a small fishing village protected by the tranquil and warm waters of the sea of Cortez. The first view of the bay from the road connecting the Trans-peninsular highway to the village is probably the most picturesque postcard you …"

  37. May 2007
  38. Barbara reviewed Puerto Escondido in Mexico

    This charming little village is a paradise for surfers and young travellers and offers both natural beauties and a lively nightlife. The atmosphere though is very chilled out... a perfect compromise for a holiday of sun, relax and fun."

  39. Barbara reviewed Ecoparaiso Xixim in Mexico

    A hidden paradise on the Yucatan Peninsula: this charming Lodge was designed and constructed with great care to meet ecological standards, and it is situated directly on a pristine natural beach, embedded in a vast plantation of malayan dwarf coconut pal…"

  40. Barbara reviewed Playa Zicatela in Mexico

    Surfers' Paradise in Puerto Escondido, this long beach is also a perfect place to chill out and meet people from all over the world. You can find verious accommodation options, from hotels to cabanas/bungalows, water sports, bars and restaurants"