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globorati is the web’s first site dedicated to luxury travel news and trends. We realize the one thing most of you lack is the luxury of time. You don’t have countless hours to surf the net and assemble the perfect trip. That’s why we do all the homework for you — and take the hassle out of high-end travel.

Every weekday globorati delivers fresh, up-to-the-moment intelligence for the jet-set traveler. Our team of experts from around the world turns the best-of-the-best travel experiences into bite-size stories. And unlike other travel sites, we don’t accept pay-for-play editorial: we feature only what we feel best serves our readers.

globorati aims to not only inspire travelers toward embracing new possibilities, but to help them get there, too: with our new digital mapping feature as well as our advanced search and booking tools, you can now customize all your travel planning through globorati.


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  1. July 2008
  2. globorati reviewed Naadam in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

    Girlie Men, pass by. Get your arrow quiver and your sheep bones together at the Festival of Manly Sports."