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5th July 2007

Recently graduated Marine Biologist, Frida Elba has had a life long fascination with marine life, particularly whales. Before completing her qualifications, Frida spent several years working for wildlife orientated boat tour companies in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Norway. Her career goal is to run marine life appreciation tours for aspiring marine biologists and volunteer animal lovers in the same vein as volunteer digs for archeology enthusiasts. She hopes this will have an effect on both the animals she is working to conserve and the people who give their time.

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  1. January 2010
  2. Frida Elba reviewed Playa Frontón snorkelling in Dominican Republic

    There's good snorkelling all along this coastline but a boat trip to Playa Frontón will provide you with the best.  Playa Madam and La Playita are just a short walk from Las Galeras, and still have the clear turquoise water and easy viewing o…"

  3. Frida Elba reviewed Whale watching in the Bahía de Samaná in Dominican Republic

    Between January and March between three and five thousand Humpback whales visit the warm waters of the Bahía de Samaná to mate or to give birth. The males are the playful ones, showing off to the ladies, who, when with calf, can be unbeliev…"

  4. November 2007
  5. Frida Elba reviewed Whales of Antarctica in Antarctica

    For animal lovers with an adventurous streak, this stark, angular backdrop of glaciers, icebergs, mountain peaks and unpredictable seas provides the perfect wilderness setting for whale and wildlife watching. Fin, sei, humpback, orca, and minke whales l…"

  6. Frida Elba rated Orcas at Tysfjord

  7. Frida Elba reviewed Orcas at Tysfjord in Vestlandet, Norway

    For killer whale (orca) sightings there is no where better than Tysfjord in Norway. Many researchers come here to study the orcas so there is an opportunity to join a scientific party and help with tagging etc. which can be an entirely wonderful experi…"

  8. Frida Elba rated Whale watching on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula

  9. Frida Elba rated Whales of Antarctica

  10. Frida Elba reviewed Whale watching on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland

    Whales come to feed off Olafasvik and the Snaefellsnes Peninsula off Iceland’s west coast during the summer months. North Atlantic whales like humpbacks, but mostly blue whales come visiting in the summer but the usual inhabitants are minkes, sperm wha…"

  11. July 2007
  12. Frida Elba reviewed Bay of Fundy's big Whales and tides in Canada

    This is a very natural, unspoilt location for whale watching. The islands and coastline surrounding the bay is a wilderness, and the tides are the world's most variable - in some places up to 14 metres difference (the literature says one hundred billion…"

  13. Frida Elba rated Bay of Fundy's big Whales and tides

  14. Frida Elba reviewed Whales of the Ligurian Sea in France

    For European whale watchers who don’t like the cold of the arctic the Ligurian Sea in the Mediterranean is probably the best option. The basin and the Pelagos Sanctuary is rich in nutrients and has a high concentration of plankton and smaller fish which…"

  15. Frida Elba rated Whales of the Ligurian Sea

  16. Frida Elba reviewed Humpback migration, Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia

    Hervey Bay calls itself the whale watching capital of the world, which may be an overstatement, but it is definitely one of the most popular whale watching spots. It’s on the migration route for Humpbacks between the cold waters of the Antarctic a…"

  17. Frida Elba rated Humpback migration, Hervey Bay

  18. Frida Elba rated Whale watching in the Azores

  19. Frida Elba reviewed Whale watching in the Azores in The Azores, Portugal

    Something in the area of twenty different cetacean species have been spotted of the coasts of the Azores archipelago, but the most famous locals are probably the sperm whales. Sperm whales were hunted to extinction in the area but the clean water and go…"

  20. Frida Elba rated Torres del Paine

  21. Frida Elba reviewed Whale watch Jervis Bay in New South Wales, Australia

    This coastline has been turned into a marine park to help protect the whale migration that passes through annually across the mouth of Jervis Bay and the resident ocean birds and pods of bottlenose dolphins who live here all year round. Jervis Bay is…"

  22. Frida Elba rated Whale watch Jervis Bay

  23. Frida Elba reviewed Tromso: Whales watching and arctic scenery in Tromsø, Norway

    This beautiful coastal region fringed with fjords, glaciers and arctic mountain scenery is a pristine whale watching setting. The ocean around Tromso is deep near the continental shelf, and the churning waters there create a breeding ground for whale fo…"

  24. Frida Elba rated Tromso: Whales watching and arctic scenery