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  1. September 2010
  2. frank t. reviewed Missouri

    "Dont let missouri fool ya, this place is great! The only thing about it is, you do have to search to find the best palces to go to. Reccomend for anyone interested in fishing, caving, biking, history buffs, nightlife, gambling, drinking, sports buffs, an…"

  3. frank t. rated Missouri

  4. frank t. commented on Missouri

    "Love it!! So much to do!! I'd say caving was one of my favorite adventures!! "cave state of the US""

  5. frank t. commented on St. Louis

    "Fun city!! Great, actually, Wonderful Foods here!!! Very nice biking as well all over the city and surrounding areas"

  6. frank t. commented on United States

    "A little dissapointed that St. Louis, MO or Kansas City is not on the list. I'm from Europe and have travelled to America over 15 times, every time I make sure to visit these nice little cities. Great food and extremely friendly people. The state of Miss…"