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Francoise caught the travel bug during an extensive island-hopping trip through the Caribbean at the turn of the millennium. By now, the number of countries she has visited roughly equals the number of candles decorating her birthday cake. Through writing and photography, Francoise revels in sharing her passion for travel and food. When she pulls the plug on her laptop, it is to go diving or take long walks on the beach.

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  1. September 2013
  2. Francoise Ohayon rated Island Hopping Around Coron in North Palawan

  3. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Island Hopping Around Coron in North Palawan in Philippines

    The marine environment of northern Palawan in the Philippines is absolutely stunning. The gateway of Coron Town proper, located on Busuanga Island, may fail to impress as services and facilities struggle to catch up with the increasing number of tourists…"

  4. February 2013
  5. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Ruta del Vino in Mexico

    Mexico often seems to make the news for all the wrong reasons, yet those who venture south of the border into Baja California will be rewarded with a fertile valley where good wines are made. Independent travel is easy, as a two-hour drive on the Scenic …"

  6. Francoise Ohayon rated Ruta del Vino

  7. July 2012
  8. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre in Malaysia

    Malaysia boasts an impressive biodiversity and the Asian elephant is one of the country’s most beloved animals. However, shrinking habitats drive wildlife to compete for space and resources with humans. Until 1972, rogue elephants were shot on sigh…"

  9. Francoise Ohayon rated Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre

  10. Francoise Ohayon rated Bayan Indah Cooking School

  11. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Bayan Indah Cooking School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Malaysian food is not one national cuisine: because the country is formed of many different races, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Nyonya and international foods give people choices, according to food writer and stylist Rohani Jelani. Those who crave to bring ba…"

  12. January 2012
  13. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Temple Tree Resort, Langkawi in Malaysia

    An exceptional hospitality experience awaits at Temple Tree, Bon Ton’s sister resort on the island of Langkawi. The establishment made the Condé Nast Traveler US Hot List in 2009, an accolade that celebrates the best new exclusive and exotic…"

  14. Francoise Ohayon rated Temple Tree Resort, Langkawi

  15. October 2011
  16. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Bluefin Restaurant in Bali, Indonesia

    Bluefin is a Japanese fusion restaurant and lounge located at the heart of Kuta, Bali’s liveliest beach resort. It is a hip place to see and be seen at night, but during the day the pace is more sedate and, as a result, Bluefin’s first-rate l…"

  17. Francoise Ohayon rated Bluefin Restaurant

  18. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Cooking classes at Casa Luna & Honeymoon Bungalows in Bali, Indonesia

    Casa Luna Restaurant and Honeymoon Bungalows owner Janet De Neefe, an Aussie married to a Balinese, has chronicled decades of living and cooking in Bali in her memoir Fragrant Rice. Together with her team, she introduces visitors to local food culture in…"

  19. Francoise Ohayon rated Cooking classes at Casa Luna & Honeymoon Bungalows

  20. Francoise Ohayon rated The Edge

  21. Francoise Ohayon reviewed The Edge in Bali, Indonesia

    This über-stylish all-villa property promises “a sublime taste of life on the edge”. Perching atop cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean at the southern tip of Bali, it offers utmost privacy in close proximity to world-class amenities. The…"

  22. June 2011
  23. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Kvægtorvet in Odense, Denmark

    Denmark's third-largest city of Odense is home to Kvægtorvet, a restaurant worthy of the 90-minute trip by train from Copenhagen. With its refreshingly playful take on classic fine dining, this table could very well be Red Guide material if only Mi…"

  24. April 2010
  25. Francoise Ohayon rated Al Tarfa

  26. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Al Tarfa in Egypt

    In the pristine oasis of Dakhla in Egypt’s Western Desert, the Al Tarfa eco-luxury lodge attracts those who seek to reconnect with nature in utmost privacy. At first glance, the “eco” part of “eco-luxury” is most evident: th…"

  27. Francoise Ohayon reviewed The White Desert in Egypt

    The White Desert is an otherworldly landscape, where marine fossils dot the snow-like ground and dazzling white rock formations have been eroded by the wind into fantastic shapes. A 4x4 is required to visit, but it is worth getting out of your jeep as mu…"

  28. January 2010
  29. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

    St. Catherine’s Monastery is remarkable not only for being the oldest Christian monastery still in use for its original purpose, but also for housing an exceptional collection of manuscripts, icons, and other works of art. It is reached by road in …"

  30. Francoise Ohayon rated Saint Catherine’s Monastery

  31. November 2009
  32. Francoise Ohayon rated Riding the Chocolate Train

  33. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Riding the Chocolate Train in Switzerland

    Cheese, chocolate and emblematic cows gracing verdant prairies are all on the program of this gourmet train ride. Departing from Montreux on the Lake Léman’s shore, Le Train du Chocolat welcomes visitors with chocolate croissants and coffee …"

  34. Francoise Ohayon rated Self-drive safari in the Kruger National Park

  35. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Self-drive safari in the Kruger National Park in South Africa

    The Kruger National Park, established in 1898 to protect the wildlife of the South African Lowveld, sprawls over an area of nearly two million hectares and is home to an impressive number of species: 507 birds, 336 trees, 147 mammals, 114 reptiles, 49 fi…"

  36. October 2009
  37. Francoise Ohayon rated Night diving around El Gouna

  38. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Night diving around El Gouna in El Gouna, Egypt

    Just as most divers return to terra firma after a day full of underwater discoveries, night divers set off to get their own look at the reef, which is alive with a fabulous assortment of nocturnal creatures. In the El Gouna region, night dives take place…"

  39. Francoise Ohayon rated El Gouna

  40. September 2009
  41. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Castle Zaman in Egypt

    Time slows down in this custom-built ruin perching on a cliff overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba. Built of stones handpicked from the Sinai desert and fitted with furniture made of reclaimed wood, this castle comes with swimming pool, koi fish pond, yoga plat…"

  42. August 2009
  43. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Zara Spa, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea in Amman, Jordan

    The 5-star Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea is a luxury resort catering to local and foreign tourists who come to indulge in beauty treatments, spa packages, and healing climatotherapy at the on-site Zara Spa. This 6000 square metre sanctuary ded…"

  44. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Sunset Camp in Wadi Rum in Jordan

    The Wadi Rum Visitor Centre controls admission to the protected area and provides jeeps or camels and guides, as well as overnight accommodation. I was thoroughly impressed by the exceptional organization of the system as well as the helpful, knowledgeab…"

  45. Francoise Ohayon reviewed The Great Arab Revolt Plaza & Jordan's Design and Trade Centre in Aqaba, Jordan

    Visitors exploring the southern seaside town of Aqaba are drawn to the Great Arab Revolt Plaza and its 137 meters tall flag commemorating the 1916 start of the struggle for independence from the Ottoman Empire. Tourist facilities including a visitor cent…"

  46. July 2009
  47. Francoise Ohayon commented on Learn to cook Cambodian food in Phnom Penh in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    "Cambodia Cooking Class has declined permission to reproduce the recipes printed in their booklet because the recipes in question are copyrighted and for attendees of the Cambodia Cooking Class only. However, you can find a couple of other recipes on thei…"

  48. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda walled compound overlooks the Tonle Sap river in central Phnom Penh. The complex, sprawling across manicured gardens, is built in traditional Khmer style characterized by multi-level golden roofs that sparkle in the sun…"

  49. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Learn to cook Cambodian food in Phnom Penh in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Cambodia Cooking Class introduces travellers to Khmer cuisine in the heart of the capital city of Phnom Penh. Our day at the cooking school started at 9 am with a guided visit to a fresh produce market. There, we were introduced to a number of unfamiliar…"

  50. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Diving the Abu Nuhas ship graveyard in El Gouna, Egypt

    The curse of mariners is the fortune of divers, and some of the most popular dive sites in the Red Sea’s fringing reefs are those where ships have met untimely ends. Sha’ab Abu Nuhas, translated as “father-of-bad-luck reef,” has l…"

  51. Francoise Ohayon commented on Egypt

    "Because Egypt switches back to winter time at an earlier date than Europe, daylight hours don't extend late into the evening in October. That being said, it is a lovely warm season with more than enough sunshine to enjoy throughout the day. To answer you…"

  52. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Diving the Rosalie Moller in Egypt

    This 108-meter steam-powered general cargo ship was launched in January 1910. Her story is intimately linked to that of another WWII wreck that lies nearby: the Thistlegorm. In July 1941, loaded with best Welsh coal destined for Royal Navy re-coaling fac…"

  53. Francoise Ohayon reviewed Cairo

    "The population of greater Cairo is estimated at around 20 millions and when the time comes for you to hit the road you can bet that the other 19,999,999 drivers, pedestrians, truckers, motorcyclists, donkey cart drivers, camel riders, minibus passengers,…"

  54. Francoise Ohayon rated Cairo