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Bo Beolens, better known as the Fatbirder, or 'the Grumpy Old Birder' has many years experience birding the world. His Fatbirder website has over two thousand pages covering every country and state in the world, every bird family and a great deal more. He is author of 'Whose Bird' all about all those people who have had birds named after them and other titles incuding the 'Eponym Dictionary of Mammals'. In 2000 he also founded the disabled birders association that in 2010 changed its name to 'Birding For All: to lobby for better access for birders with disabilities. He also owns and runs which puts together tailor-made trips for couples and small groups for birding anywhere; Grumpy Old Birder: that collects together his articles and regular column in a birding magazine and links to his full length books; Fatfisherman: which is doing for anglers what Fatbirder has done for birders and his fun site Of course he has a fatbirder Facebook page and twitter

Fatbirder (aka 'the Grumpy Old Birder')

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  1. September 2007
  2. Bo Beolens reviewed Birding in Corbett Tiger Park in Uttar Pradesh, India

    Corbett Park is one of India's jewels... set aside first as a hunting reserve and then as a reserve for tigers it is a terrific wooded area home to a few tigers but many hundreds of other species. Take a jeep through in the early morning and you will c…"

  3. Bo Beolens rated Birding in Corbett Tiger Park

  4. July 2007
  5. Bo Beolens reviewed Birdlife of Tiri Tiri Mathanghi in North Island, New Zealand

    Tiri Tiri Mathanghi is simply a heavenly experience where one can sit amdist the regenerating native bushland and enjoy only native birdsong. This island in Auckland Bay is home to many of New Zealand's endangered native birds, for example Kokako, Stitch…"

  6. Bo Beolens rated Birdlife of Tiri Tiri Mathanghi

  7. Bo Beolens rated Birdwatching along the Upper Okavango River

  8. Bo Beolens reviewed Birdwatching along the Upper Okavango River in NW Botswana, Botswana

    For many birders visiting the famed Okavango is a dream realised. For me it was two dreams - as I had wanted to see a Carmine Bee-eater ever since missing out on seeing them in West Africa more than a decade ago. In 2006 I stayed briefly at Drotsky's C…"

  9. Bo Beolens reviewed Asa Wright Birdwatching in Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

    Asa Wright is an old colonial plantation station now converted into a lodge for birding enthusiasts. Set amidst miles of secondary forest that has reclaimed the plantations it is most famous for having an accessible colony of Oilbirds - an enigmatic frui…"

  10. Bo Beolens rated Asa Wright Birdwatching