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4th June 2008

I spent 2006 and 2007 riding my Vespa, Katcha, around Italy working on a series of stories and writings about the country's changing state. My Mum is a proper Italian Mama, with all the trimmings of pasta and wearing black, but I grew up in Sydney wanting to order my pizzas from Dominos. It was food that brought me back to my roots, I trained as a chef, and like Jamie Oliver in his TV series, Katcha and I went looking for the best original and traditional recipes.

These are some of the things I wrote about or loved from my time in Italy.

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  1. August 2008
  2. Fabian Condello reviewed Jerez Sherry Festival in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

    Nannas come one come all! Wine snobs may turn their noses and exclude it from their festivals but your favourite tipple is celebrated in September in Jerez – the world’s sherry capital. The wine harvest in Jerez is celebrated with the feast of the Nati…"

  3. Fabian Condello rated Catalunya Cava Week

  4. Fabian Condello rated Jerez Sherry Festival

  5. Fabian Condello reviewed Catalunya Cava Week in Barcelona, Spain

    Less self important than champagne, cava still deserves to be celebrated say the inhabitants of the home of Catalan Fizz. The Cava Queen, newly crowned, receives a glass of this years newly pressed harvest and as with all fizz, a toast is made and the p…"

  6. Fabian Condello reviewed El Colacho Baby Jumping Festival in Burgos, Spain

    "Spain has some pretty weird occasions on their calendar, and the annual tomato fight, the running of the bulls or that crazy horse ride through the square aren’t any where near as weird as this one – The Baby Jumping Festival. It’s held as part of the l…"

  7. June 2008
  8. Fabian Condello reviewed Il Palio in Siena, Italy

    I haven’t been to them all but this is supposed to be one of the best of Italy’s palios, basically a pageant, horse race and electric display of manly arts. The race itself is just ten horses racing three times around the Siena’s central piazza, but aft…"

  9. June 2007
  10. Fabian Condello reviewed Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

    Pamplona! I wasn’t going to miss that was I! This is one of Spain’s most recognisable features. You’ve seen it on TV: it’s men running just in front of bulls down narrow streets like mad beggers. You don’t have to be a professional to have a go, in f…"