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A New York City-based journalist and photographer, I travel the world to photograph the people, icons and celebrations that make each country unique. I often fall in love with places, typically cities, at first sight. But no matter how many times I try to leave it, I always return to my first love New York.

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  1. July 2009
  2. Escape from New York wrote a blog post Iglesia y Convento de La Recolección Antigua, Guatemala

    "It’s hard to fathom how large the Iglesia y Convento de La Recolección must have been before an earthquake destroyed it in the 1700s little more than half a century after it was built."

  3. April 2009
  4. Escape from New York wrote a blog post The 860 Turns Of Mexico’s Highway 120

    There are some 860 hairpin turns on Mexico’s Highway 120 which snakes through the Sierra Gorda Mountains in the Northern Central Highlands. Looking down at the valleys while the bus driver navigated 180 degree turns with skill I couldn’t help but wonder w"

  5. Escape from New York wrote a blog post Tequisquipan Mexico

    The bougainvillea-lined cobblestone streets of Tequisquipan seem for the most part to have fallen under the radar of the foreign traveler circuit."

  6. March 2009
  7. Escape from New York wrote a blog post World’s Highest Post Office Jin Mao Tower Shanghai China

    The Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai may no longer be the tallest building in mainland China but it can still boast having the highest post office in the world."

  8. January 2009
  9. Escape from New York wrote a blog post Paricutín - Mexico’s Pompeii

    Paricutín could be described as Mexico’s version of Pompeii although on a much smaller scale. Think village instead of city."

  10. Escape from New York wrote a blog post Casco Viejo Panama City

    Casco Viejo is like a village or small town within the city. The architecture is a mix of Spanish and French colonial. Many of its narrow streets are paved with cobblestone."

  11. Escape from New York wrote a blog post Tai O Village Hong Kong

    For most Hong Kong doesn’t typically conjure up images of ancient fishing villages. Tai O is a world apart from Hong Kong Island’s Central financial district and the tai-pans who make it tick."

  12. December 2008
  13. Escape from New York wrote a blog post Panama City's Red Devils

    They should have retired decades ago but work harder than ever though well past their prime. The locals call them Diablos Rojos (Red Devils) and for good reason. They roar through the streets of Panama City with no mercy for pedestrians or the standing ro"

  14. November 2008
  15. Escape from New York wrote a blog post Cemetery Vigils Day Of The Dead Mexico

    Families gathered around the final resting place of loved ones where they would stay until dawn. Small fires burned to take the edge off a cool night. The air was fresh like autumn but without the dread of upcoming winter."

  16. October 2008
  17. Escape from New York wrote a blog post Man’s Best Friend Hong Kong Style

    Hong Kong’s most pampered pets are not typically the four-legged variety. In fact man’s best friend comes in a small package, convenient in a city where space can be scarce."

  18. Escape from New York wrote a blog post Guatemala’s Patron Saint of Gamblers And Drunks

    "How many saints do you know who openly welcome copious amounts of alcohol and tobacco?In the village of San Andres Itzapa is a shrine dedicated to San Simon. Part Catholic saint and part Mayan god his worshippers pray to him for fertility and prosperity."