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  1. September 2009
  2. Eric Hallum reviewed İsa Bey Mosque in Turkey

    The İsa Bey Mosque is an impressive piece of 14th Century architectural art – both for its design and the art decorating its interior. On its western wall it has detailed inscriptions and geometric designs engraved into the marble walls, and its t…"

  3. Eric Hallum reviewed Miniatürk in Istanbul, Turkey

    Who would want to visit a park laid out with 105 models of Turkey's highlights at 1/25th of their normal size? Maybe you? That's what this attraction is. There are historic sites, like the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, and the Mausoleum of Maussollos …"

  4. Eric Hallum reviewed Gülhane Park in Istanbul, Turkey

    Gulhane Park is by the entrance to Topkapi Palace – it used to be the grounds, or the front lawn more like. It's one of the largest green spaces in Istanbul, and one of the city's oldest parks, it's been open to the public since 1912, but some of …"

  5. Eric Hallum reviewed Istanbul Archaeological Museum in Istanbul, Turkey

    This museum is within the grounds of the Topkapi Palace – the design and façade of it are inspired by the Alexander Sarcophagus and Sarcophagus of the Mourning Women, which are two of the artefacts on display inside. The Alexander Sarcophag…"

  6. Eric Hallum reviewed Hagia Irene in Istanbul, Turkey

    Hagia Irene doesn't have the same lyrical sound to it as Hagia Sophia, but it means the same thing - the Church of Saint Irene - and is the name of the oldest church in Istanbul, built on a temple site in the 4th Century. The current appearance, with th…"

  7. Eric Hallum reviewed Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, Turkey

    The ancient cisterns that run under Istanbul are almost to beautiful to have such a utilitarian name, but they were used as cisterns in the 6th Century during the city's build. This is the largest example, and open to the public, and provided water for …"

  8. Eric Hallum reviewed Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul, Turkey

    This square used to be Constantinople's Hippodrome, with the circus and the theatre and the sports, and you can still see the ruins of the original buildings and a few choice monuments. Look out for the black Serpent Column, which is an ancient twisted …"

  9. Eric Hallum reviewed Yeni Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

    Also called the New Mosque, this is one of the great sights of Istanbul, an Ottoman Imperial mosque built on the 'Golden Horn' on the south side of equally famous Galata Bridge. The sixty six small domes and half domes on the facade rise up in a pyramid…"

  10. August 2009
  11. Eric Hallum reviewed Lyon Resistance Museum in Lyon, France

    Lyon suffered during WW2. All of France did, but the head of Lyon's Gestapo, Klaus Barbie, was a particularly nasty piece of work who took to torturing people himself, among that number one of the most senior members of the French Resistance. This muse…"

  12. Eric Hallum reviewed Kadifekale in Turkey

    Kadifekale translates from Turkish into velvet castle, and is a name shared by both this castle and the hill it perches on. There's a good view of the coastline from the castle, which is only 2kms from the beach – proving its defence credentials &…"

  13. Eric Hallum reviewed Agora of Smyrna in Turkey

    "This is one of the best preserved of the Ionian agoras  The İzmir Agora Open Air Museum surrounds the grounds of the old Agora of Smyrna.  Two cities have stood on this spot, Old Smyrna, as Aeolian settlement from the 11th Century BC and a Hell…"

  14. Eric Hallum reviewed Loosdrecht Lake (Loosdrechtse Plassen) in The Netherlands

    The area round Loosdrechtse started off swampy, but with draining and dyking etc., the lakes in this area have become a popular hangout for the jetset, meeting up to their discerning aesthetic tastes. Most of the cafes and marinas are on the lake's nort…"

  15. Eric Hallum reviewed St. Martin's Cathedral in Utrecht, Netherlands

    Gothic, and single towered, this used to be the largest church in the Netherlands, and its only cathedral. Just like many churches founded in the middle ages it's been burned and gutted and rebuilt multiple times since the 6th Century when it had its fi…"

  16. July 2009
  17. Eric Hallum reviewed Munso in Stockholm, Sweden

    "Munso used to be an island but the waters have dropped and now the island is a town on the edge of a lake, and connected to the mainland.  One of the island's, now town's main features is its 12th Century round church, but the green setting surround…"

  18. Eric Hallum reviewed St Bees Beach in Lake District, United Kingdom

    One of the nicest things about St. Bees, at the western edge of Cumbria and a point on the Coast to Coast Walk, is its beach, a long sandy affair ridged by grassy hills, smooth as cake icing. One of the other highlights are the steep cliffs that flank t…"

  19. Eric Hallum reviewed Camber Sands in Essex, United Kingdom

    Camber's beach is creatively called: Camber Sands instead of regular old Camber beach, but the sea and the sand are the same either way and in this case the sand is golden and sweeping, rising up to a large system of sand dunes. The long flat stretches …"

  20. Eric Hallum reviewed Sequoia National Park in United States

    Sequoia was only America's second national park, after Yellowstone, and its 1,635 square kilometres were declared in 1890, including the US' highest point Mount Whitney and the edges of Kings Canyon National Park, but mostly to protect the giant, ancient…"

  21. June 2009
  22. Eric Hallum reviewed Chusonji Temple in Koshin'etsu, Japan

    Several buildings make up this Tendai Buddhist temple complex, two dating from before the 12th century. Of those two one is outstandingly attractive: a pavilion plated in gold leaf, the other is an even older wooden building, called the Kyozo Hall. The…"

  23. Eric Hallum reviewed Naruko Gorge in Kanto, Japan

    "Naruko Gorge is grand. Steep and narrow, it drops about 100 metres from the forested lip to the Oya-gawa River, and while some people say it's at its most lovely in autumn when the leaves are all fire-y, others extol the virtues of it when it's greener.…"

  24. Eric Hallum reviewed Lake Chūzenji in Kanto, Japan

    Photogenic, or worthy of being painted, this smooth lake is surrounded by gracefully arching peaks and fringed by a forest that flames with bright colours during Autumn, and keeps the surrounds lush for the rest of the year. This region is known for spa…"

  25. Eric Hallum reviewed Heian Jingu in Kyoto, Japan

    Heian Jingu, which imitates Kyoto's Imperial Palace, just on a smaller scale, has one of the largest toji gates in Japan. Heian Jingu was built in 1895 to celebrate 1,100 years since the founding of Kyoto; a shrine to the memory of Emperor Kammu who had…"

  26. Eric Hallum reviewed Nakasendo Trail in Tokyo, Japan

    During Japan's feudal period the Nakasendo Trail linked Kyoto and Edo (now Tokyo) via the mountains, rather than the Pacific coast, via the Tokaido route. Samuri, merchants, feudal lords and their entourages walked or rode the route which passed through…"

  27. Eric Hallum reviewed Muay Thai at Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand

    Normally fighting with elbows, kicks to the shin and knees to the soft bits is considered pretty poor form but it's all allowed in Muay Thai boxing. As well as fighting with all eight points of contact or pointy bits (headbutting is no longer allowed), …"

  28. Eric Hallum reviewed Lake Wanaka in Otago, New Zealand

    In winter Lake Wanaka is the ultimate snow sports destination, it has a snow park for boarders, cross country trails, and pretty piste for skiiers. In summer it's a playground for fishing, swimming, boating- and jet boating. It's also a picturesque lak…"

  29. Eric Hallum reviewed The Nevis Highwire Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand

    This is one of the furthest bungee drops n the world: 134 metres or 8.5 seconds of air between plunging from the tower and the moment where you're as close to the raging Nevis River as you're going to get before you're ricochetted back upwards. The surr…"

  30. Eric Hallum reviewed The Kawarau Bridge Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand

    43 metres up. On a bridge. With your ankles strapped together attached to a thick cord. Contemplating life, death, fate and the decisions that lead humankind to want to jump off things at great height and bounce back towards them. This is bungee (or …"

  31. Eric Hallum reviewed Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt

    Yeah, you've been to Paris and the Arc de Triomphe, but this is the maddest, biggest, fastest and most insane set of road crossings you'll hopefully ever encounter. Even if the lights work, and they don't always, you have to be ready to run at a moments …"

  32. November 2007
  33. Eric Hallum reviewed Gamla Uppsala in Uppsala, Sweden

    'Old Uppsala' was a parish and village as early as the 3rd Century and during the middle ages it was the largest village in the region and the seat of the Swedish kings of the Yngling dynasty, and where the Swedish general assembly was held.  Luckil…"

  34. June 2007
  35. Eric Hallum reviewed Kuranda, a bird lovers paradise in Queensland, Australia

    If you’re a bird watcher who likes to cross birds you’ve seen off your list, then Birdworld, Kuranda is the place to visit. 75 different species of bird are housed in this vast multi ecosystem aviary and there are over 500 birds in all. Though not as…"

  36. May 2007
  37. Eric Hallum reviewed Geibikei Gorge in Koshin'etsu, Japan

    At the bottom of the deep, steep walled Geibikei Gorge is a tranquil pool of shallow, gently running water. This is a popular place for Japanese people to enjoy the changing colours of the leaves. The best way to enjoy the scenery is on a gondola, ho…"

  38. Eric Hallum reviewed Hollental in Tyrol, Austria

    Translated as "Valley to Hell", this is a nine km long valley set amongst the heavy forests and rising mountains of Germany's Black Forest. At some points, narrow gorges as high as 600 metres have been gouged into the mountains and in one section there …"