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  1. August 2009
  2. Emma Montague rated Chichen Itza and the Temple of Kukulkan

  3. Emma Montague rated Machu Picchu

  4. Emma Montague rated Bagan Temples

  5. Emma Montague rated The Great Pyramid

  6. Emma Montague rated Angkor Wat

  7. July 2009
  8. Emma Montague reviewed Vøringsfossen Waterfall in Norway

    Vøringsfossen Waterfall is a pretty spectacular natural phenomena, not just one falls, but several, the largest with a direct drop of 145metres – the whole drop being 182.  There are a couple of lookouts to make viewing the falls easy. …"

  9. Emma Montague reviewed Smøla in Norway

    Smøla is a really good place to go fishing.  The cod, salmon, sea trout and halibut here grow to pretty impressive sizes – which is why the island has such an impressive bird population as well, including about a hundred white tailed ea…"

  10. Emma Montague reviewed Nordfjord in Norway

    The Nordfjord runs into the Jostedalsbreen glacier, Europe's largest glacier, via sheer, rocky cliffs and the Hornindalsvatnet lake, which is one of Europe's deepest lake.  It doesn't have the same official accolade but one of the fjord's most sceni…"

  11. Emma Montague reviewed Lysefjord in Norway

    There are only two fjord villages along the length of Lysefjord, this is pretty remote country, good for views, but not nurturing for life.  The name means light fjord – named for the light colour of the granite this fjord has been carved out …"

  12. Emma Montague rated Tunisia

  13. Emma Montague reviewed Folgefonna Glacier in Bergen, Norway

    Three glaciers share this name, but it's the southern glacier, the Sønde Folgefonna, that's the most impressive, at 168 square kilometres in size – making it the third largest glacier in Norway.  The glacier is surrounded by the high wa…"

  14. Emma Montague reviewed Hardangerfjord in Bergen, Norway

    The Hardangerfjord is the world's third largest fjord, and the second largest in Norway, after Sognefjord, cutting 179kms in to the landscape, and carving it up in a beautiful, mountainous way as it goes, eventually ending at Hardangervidda, a surprising…"

  15. Emma Montague reviewed Træna in Nord-Norge, Norway

    This group of rocky isles looks like hats floating on the surface of the water, with their tall hills surrounded by flatter skirts.  The name is that of the main island, which looks like a three peaked Stetson, as well as the group.  For most o…"

  16. Emma Montague reviewed Lovund in Nord-Norge, Norway

    Puffins are Lovund's most famous residents.  They reside on the island's rocky northern slope where they have a nice view scooping into the fjords of the distant mainland.  Their backdrop is a mountainous scene, which swirls with mist on chilly…"