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  1. May 2012
  2. Emilie Stokes reviewed Flames of the Forest Experience in Cairns, Australia

    A lot of visitors to Australia are hoping to have some kind of authentic aboriginal experience when they visit, but it's not an easy thing to find offered in most of the hubs that travellers visit - Alice Springs being the main exception. Flames of the …"

  3. April 2012
  4. Emilie Stokes reviewed Titanic Belfast in Belfast, United Kingdom

    Titanic! Her name inspires both hope and sadness. She was the biggest and most wonderful ship of her time, but a grand vision that was destined to go down on her maiden voyage. So no wonder she inspires such emotion even today, 100 years after her sol…"

  5. October 2011
  6. Emilie Stokes reviewed Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary in North India, India

    Binsar covers the top of the Jhandi Dhar hills, and is a mid-altitude wildlife sanctuary, home wild boar, deer, monkey, black bear, porcupine, mountain goat, red fox, jackal, pine marten, leopards, 200 species of birds and more. It also benefits from sp…"

  7. Emilie Stokes wrote a holiday idea Walking on little Canary Island La Gomera

    Even though La Gomera is the second smallest of Spain's Canary Islands, it's said that you could walk its trails for two weeks without tracing your steps."

  8. May 2011
  9. Emilie Stokes reviewed Ruwanwelisaya in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

    The Ruwanwelisaya is one of Sri Lanka's most impressive stupas, so its significance is architectural as well as religious. Much of the architectural interest is based on the fact that it stands an impressive 300ft tall, and much of the religious venerat…"

  10. April 2011
  11. Emilie Stokes reviewed Cambridge University Library in Cambridge, United Kingdom

    The Cambridge University Library, though a collection built up for the university, is also open to the public, though in a very limited sense. There are two ways you can get in: 1. Visit one of the exhibitions, specially laid out and themed to present …"

  12. March 2011
  13. Emilie Stokes reviewed Bergen in Nordhorn, Netherlands

    Not the Bergen in Norway, this one's a bit lower down from the pole, a summer resort region of North Holland, built up over the 20th Century. The lay of the flat, local land, mean that Bergen's sand dunes are epic affairs - providing fun and games for y…"

  14. August 2010
  15. Emilie Stokes reviewed Wimbledon Common in London, United Kingdom

    Wimbledom Common is a welcoming green space promising tranquility at the end of the District Line. There are three main parts to it: Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath and Putney Lower Common. Beyond that there are several visually distinct areas: the heath…"

  16. May 2010
  17. Emilie Stokes reviewed Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, India

    "This ornate stone palace in salmon sandstone was constructed in 1799 to resemble the god Krishna’s crown. These five storeys were home to the ladies of the royal harem, one of its main features are its beautiful, delicately grilled windows allowing the w…"

  18. April 2010
  19. Emilie Stokes reviewed Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts) in Mexico City, Mexico

    This building was intended to be Mexico's national theatre, an Art Nouveau masterpiece.  Now it's an art gallery, home to some of Mexico's most wonderful murals, and a concert hall, so it retains some of its theatrical pedigree.  The Art Deco i…"

  20. March 2010
  21. Emilie Stokes reviewed Cliffs of Mohar in Galway, Ireland

    At their highest, sheerest point, the Cliffs of Mohar rise 214metres out of the Atlantic Ocean just north of O'Brien's Tower, but they snake dramatically around the coast for another eight kilometres to their lowest point, 120metres below Hag's Head. &nb…"

  22. Emilie Stokes reviewed Osterley House in London, United Kingdom

    When Osterley was built in around 1570 it was in the countryside, and was built to be a wealthy London family's rural retreat – that of banker Sir Thomas Gresham. But the suburbs have encroached and this rural idyll is now well and truly within th…"

  23. Emilie Stokes reviewed Fenton House in London, United Kingdom

    There are lots of nice houses in Hampstead, but this one is a bit special – belonging to the National Trust, it was built in the 17th Century by a merchant, and has been kept very much in its original state, complete with a large walled garden. Th…"

  24. Emilie Stokes reviewed Ham House and Garden in London, United Kingdom

    When Richmond Park was a deer park for the king, Ham House was the very height of Restoration chic, and one of the centres of courtly life – this is around 1670 we're talking. It's unusual that the building has survived in pretty much its original…"

  25. December 2009
  26. Emilie Stokes reviewed Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy

    Check out the photos for the best idea of the pleasures of the Mercato Centrale. Here are the details: built in the 19th Century; favoured buy locals as well as visitors; this is foodie heaven – especially if you like antipasta."

  27. November 2009
  28. Emilie Stokes reviewed Guinigi Tower in Leghorn, Italy

    In 13th Century Lucca one of the biggest families around were the Guinigis, a family of merchants who bought up the land between via Sant'Andrea and via Guinigi and built Romanesque-Gothic houses all along the route. At the time the wealthiest families …"

  29. Emilie Stokes reviewed Villa Reale di Marlia and gardens in Leghorn, Italy

    This charming, but very angular looking villa was built by the Dukes of Tuscia around the beginning of the 16th Century, but it gained its current stylings in the mid 19th Century when Napoleon Bonaparte's sister took a shine to it and forced the present…"

  30. Emilie Stokes reviewed Lucca Cathedral in Leghorn, Italy

    Lucca Cathedral's proper name is the Cathedral of St. Martin. Pope Alexander II started building work on it in the mid 11th Century and the facade with the columns and arches are from the original construction. The portico, and sculptures that decorate…"

  31. Emilie Stokes reviewed Calci in Leghorn, Italy

    9kms east of Pisa, this pretty commune's main attraction is the Certosa di Calci, which was once a monastery and is now the local Natural History Museum."

  32. Emilie Stokes reviewed Certosa di Pisa in Leghorn, Italy

    This Museum of Natural History building used to be a Carthusian monastery dating from the 14th Century. It's only been used as a museum since 1981 when the University of Pisa moved their collection in, but the collection itself dates from the 16th Centu…"

  33. Emilie Stokes reviewed Piazza del Duomo in Leghorn, Italy

    Pisa's centre, and pride, is the Piazza del Duomo: 'Cathedral Square', where there's great architecture on all four sides – the Leaning Tower, the Duomo, the Baptistry and the Camposanto. Despite the tower's fame, it's really just the bell tower t…"

  34. Emilie Stokes reviewed Henley Regatta in The United Kingdom

    The Henley Regatta is raced over five British summer days, in a series of mile long paddling sprints contested by international teams, who will probably be enjoying both the history and charm of the event, and probably also appreciating the chic style su…"

  35. Emilie Stokes reviewed Galloway Forest Park in Scotland, United Kingdom

    The sky over this park has been officially graded as the darkest over the UK - so this is now officially the best spot on the island for star gazing. It's also a good spot for red squirrel gazing, and for otter, Pine Marten, Black Grouse and Golden Eagl…"

  36. October 2009
  37. Emilie Stokes reviewed Château de Chaumont in Loire Valley, France

    There's been a chateau on this site between Blois and Amboise since the 10th Century, but the current model dates from the 14th, which is why its appearance is largely medieval, with a hint of Renaissance. Catherine de Medici, the castle's most famous o…"

  38. Emilie Stokes reviewed Château de Cheverny in Loire Valley, France

    This château looks like a full size doll house in white, with grey sloping roofs and plenty of large windows in perfect symmetry. It was built by Henri Hurault, Comte de Cheverny, but he lost it to the crown, though a generation later his son brou…"

  39. Emilie Stokes reviewed Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, United States

    Bonaventure Cemetery was established in 1846. It's old and overgrown in a lovely, slow, southern way. Most people know it from the book or film 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil', and it's just like that. Seeing as it was used as a location for…"

  40. Emilie Stokes reviewed Tarascon Castle in Rhone-Alps, France

    Tarascon Castle looks over the Rhone, a fort keeping watch, her thick walls and towers all the same height adding to the fortified look – this is not a fort for show, it's a fort to keep people out, and protect the whole region. After it was retir…"

  41. Emilie Stokes reviewed Catskill Mountains in New York, United States

    The Catskill Mountain Range run westwards from a dramatic escarpment rising out of the Hudson Valley until they peter out round the Allegheny Plateau, after rising to thirty different peaks over 3,500 feet. The highest point is Slide Mountain. Because …"

  42. September 2009
  43. Emilie Stokes reviewed Chania Public Market in Chania, Greece

    Chania's main covered market is just in front of the historic Venetian and Turkish quarters of the city, buy the entrance to the fort – modelled on the market at Versailles you can't mistake it. People have been doing their groceries here since th…"

  44. Emilie Stokes reviewed Chania Cathedral in Chania, Greece

    Chania Cathedral is dedicated to Panagia Trimartyri, the Virgin of the Three Martyrs, the patron saint of Chania. This rather graceful, oatmeal coloured stone building was built at the end of the 19th Century, but then damaged less than a year after com…"

  45. Emilie Stokes reviewed Chania Naval Museum in Chania, Greece

    The Chania Naval Museum occupies part of the Firkas Fortress. Chania was an important port, and this museum presents old portraits of Greek admirals and historic battles as well as the relics of the weapons and ships that fought in them, and some modern…"

  46. Emilie Stokes reviewed Chania Archaeological Museum in Chania, Greece

    As one of the most historic looking cities on an island known for its history, Chania's museum would be expected to have some treasures in its inventory. There are plenty of archaeologically interesting sites in the local area, and this museum, built in…"

  47. Emilie Stokes reviewed Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul, Turkey

    This is the more European centre of Istanbul, both by the look of it, its location and its uses. It looks almost Russian, reflecting the growing influence Europe was having on Turkey when it was built in the mid 19th Century. It was built for the Sul…"

  48. Emilie Stokes reviewed Galatasaray Fish Market in Istanbul, Turkey

    Also called Balik Pazari, this is supposed to be 'the' fish market in Istanbul. It doesn't have huge number of stores, around 20, but it does offer a pretty impressive selection of edible marine life, as well as another 10 or so vendors selling things t…"

  49. Emilie Stokes reviewed St. Savior: Chora Church in Istanbul, Turkey

    The Chora Church or Mosque is considered a notable Byzantine church by many, and though Istanbul has quite a collection of Byzantine churches, this one, slightly off the beaten track in Edirnekapi, is recommended because of the impressive collection mosa…"

  50. Emilie Stokes reviewed Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey

    This is one of the oldest bazaars in Istanbul – so it's pretty old – it was built in the 16th and 17th Centuries, at the same time as the Yeni Mosque which it's attached to. The space is 'L' shaped, and indoors, and there are 88 separate 'ro…"

  51. August 2009
  52. Emilie Stokes reviewed Flacq Market in Mauritius

    Flacq has one of the largest markets on Mauritius, and probably the largest open air market. There are stalls open here every day, but the weekend is bigger, and more exciting. Two of the scents amongst many here are Vanilla and herbal tea, two local s…"

  53. Emilie Stokes reviewed La Vanille Reserve des Mascareigne in Mauritius

    Thousands of reptiles live here.  The ones with the sharpest teeth live in carefully marked cages, and the less aggressive ones, with the smaller teeth, walk around free range – these are mostly the giant tortoises, so don't let the idea of it…"

  54. Emilie Stokes reviewed Birds of Ras Al Khor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Ras Al Khor is a wetland sanctuary just a short flutter from the World Trade Centre and the centre of Dubai. It's a lagoon, with a fringe of wetlands, right in amongst the traffic, providing a home for hundreds of birds, small mammals and marine creatur…"

  55. Emilie Stokes reviewed Panjiayuan Market in Beijing, China

    This market is massive, hosting thousands of overlapping stalls, it's an eye full, and the name is a bit of a mouthful, but translates to something like: pan jya yoo-an jyoh hwoh shih-chahng – meaning dirt, or so the general consensus seems to be. …"

  56. Emilie Stokes reviewed Donghuamen Night Market in Beijing, China

    I don't particularly like scorpions. But equally I don't know that I dislike them enough to see them impaled on a squewer in a row still wriggling. There were rows of these scorpions on sticks at this market – next to rows of 'here's one I prepa…"

  57. Emilie Stokes reviewed Bodrum's Tuesday Textiles Market in Bodrum, Turkey

    Bodrum's Tuesday Textiles Market is the place to find textiles made all over. This isn't just fabric, what's on offer at this market borders on the line: A riot of colour. The rows of stalls selling fabrics, clothes and shoes an get pretty noisy. If …"

  58. Emilie Stokes reviewed Zaanse Schans in The Netherlands

    Zaanse Schans is something like an outdoor museum, with its windmills turning in rows and old orange roofed barns and buildings in between them.  It's still a living ancient hamlet, albeit now a lot of the town's income comes from its attractive pre…"

  59. Emilie Stokes reviewed Haarlem Grote Markt in The Netherlands

    Every great city has a great square, and Haarlem, though not capping the top of today's lists, was once a great trading centre, and the Grote Markt its meeting place. Lines of cafes and restaurants bid for your custom, offering you a view of the city h…"

  60. Emilie Stokes reviewed Naturalis - The National Natural History Museum in The Netherlands

    This is the Netherlands' National Natural History Museum, a merger of two former museums, rehoused in one of the country's most expensive buildings. It's most important claim to fame is the number of specimens making up the collection – a million …"

  61. Emilie Stokes reviewed Gouda Cheese Market in The Netherlands

    Cheese, wooden shoes and tulips are the things you're supposed to buy in Dutch markets – cheese being my personal favourite. And Gouda being the cheese for me. They've been trading Gouda et al, in the Goudse kaasmarkt for around 300 years, the pr…"

  62. Emilie Stokes reviewed Château de Saumur in Loire Valley, France

    The Château de Saumur is a palace worthy of a lovely princess.  White with rounded turrets and grey pointed roofs, and many small windows, this is the kind of structure my younger sister used to draw all the time when she was little.  The…"

  63. July 2009
  64. Emilie Stokes reviewed Grinda in Stockholm, Sweden

    Grinda is east of Vaxholm and west of Möja.  It's the beaches that make this island a popular choice to visit.  It's also easy to get to by ferry and has a shop and cafe, bar and taverna, but not much else so many campers think its perfect."

  65. Emilie Stokes reviewed Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm, Sweden

    The outside of this gallery looks a bit like a prison, when it was built in 1916 it was the height of modern fashion, a warehouse-esque space with huge sky lights and high windows.  This design, and the varied sized galleries make it one of the most…"

  66. Emilie Stokes reviewed Rosendal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden

    This palace, which is best described as a very graceful stately home, was built in the 19th Century for King Karl XIV Johan, as an escape from the very formal way of life in the Royal Palace.  He and his family used it as a summer home.One of the mo…"

  67. Emilie Stokes reviewed Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden

    Djurgården is the garden island, or the Royal Game Park, and this is where many of Stockholm's museums, galleries, monuments and great buildings are found, including an amusement park and an open air museum.  Despite all that there's still lar…"

  68. Emilie Stokes reviewed Sandhamn and Sandön in Stockholm, Sweden

    Sandhamn translates to Sand Harbour, and is located on Sandön, which translates to Sand Island.  The natural harbour is beautiful, and well loved by pleasure boaters, most of them hopping over from Stockholm, which is only 50kms away.  Peo…"