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10th June 2008

A garden designer specializing in the Eastern styles, Zen Gardens, Cherry Blossoms and Landscape Gardens, which piqued my romantic imagination from childhood. Creating the perfect garden requires an understanding of both the person the garden is designed to be perfect for and of the ideal or traditional notion of perfection for that style of landscape. Luckily this requires me to spend much time absorbing the peace and tranquility of these 'perfect' gardens, and I share some of that with you on my blog and will share more of it with you here on World Reviewer.

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  1. June 2008
  2. Emile Harridan reviewed Rikugien Garden in Tokyo, Japan

    Translated, the name of this garden means the six traditional elements essential to great poetry, a wonderful, romantic sentiment in itself for a garden stroll, but especially apt because the idea has been taken through to the design and layout of this g…"

  3. Emile Harridan rated Rikugien Garden