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  1. January 2011
  2. ellen reviewed Dorney Park in Pennsylvania, United States

    "Owned by amusement park kings Cedar Point, Dorney Park has its fair share of rides and excitement as well. Conveniently located close to the Lehigh Valley International Airport and easily reachable from Philadelphia and New York, Dorney Park is home to n…"

  3. June 2008
  4. ellen reviewed Whitepod eco-camp in Switzerland

    "Instead of spending your holiday in a hotel room somewhere near a beach, how about staying in an Igloo on a mountain? At Whitepod, located in the Alps of Switzerland, nine dome tents house adventurous guests around a camp fire where the hotel serves org…"

  5. February 2008
  6. ellen reviewed Chena Hot Springs in Alaska, United States

    In the frigid air of Alaska, Chena Hot Springs provide a unique combination of freezing temperatures and warm water. The Hot Springs were originally used to relieve the aches and pains of prospectors in the early 1900s."

  7. ellen rated Chena Hot Springs

  8. ellen rated Aguas Calientes

  9. ellen reviewed Aguas Calientes in Peru

    In the town of Aguas Calientes, you will find several natural hot springs for which the town was named. There are several small hot springs located within close proximity to each other, each with varying temperatures. Along with the hot springs, there …"

  10. ellen rated Iwaobetsu Onsen

  11. ellen reviewed Iwaobetsu Onsen in Hokaido, Japan

    "Located along a series of other hot springs, Iwaobetsu Onsen offers relaxation in a beautiful natural setting. There is no fee to visit Iwaobetsu Onsen, but visitors should be warned that there are no dressing rooms in the vicinity, so be wary if you'r…"

  12. ellen rated Kamuiwakka Falls

  13. ellen reviewed Kamuiwakka Falls in Hokaido, Japan

    Kamuiwakka Falls, one of Japan's most spectacular hot springs destinations, is off the beaten path, but well worth the hike. To get there, you must hike along a mountain stream, which will take you approximately 30 minutes. The view from the top, howev…"

  14. ellen reviewed Molly's Retreat in Thiruvananthapuram, India

    At Molly's Retreat, your stay will be entirely tranquil and relaxing. The hotel features 8 rooms only 50 meters from Kovalam beach. Palm trees surround the grounds of the hotel and the balconies are shaded from view. Molly's Retreat combines a little …"

  15. ellen reviewed Narain Niwas in Jaipur, India

    "By visiting Rajasthan, you will instantly be enveloped in a world filled with history, beauty, magnificent architecture, and local culture at the Narain Niwas Hotel in Jaipur. This hotel has a unique palace-like feel where every guest is treated like r…"

  16. ellen reviewed Migrante Guest House in Cape Verde

    "Seated in the quiet town of Sal Rei, Migrante Guest House provides a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Saharan sand that runs along its coastline. With only four rooms in the hotel, Migrante Guest House lets you get away from it all, litera…"

  17. ellen reviewed Ammende Villa in Estonia

    "Although Ammende Villa has a wonderfully antique feel to it, the hotel is equipped with everything needed for the 21st century. With wireless internet and satellite television, the hotel provides guests with today's amenities with yesterday's feel. The…"

  18. ellen reviewed Cinnamon Bay in U.S. Virgin Islands

    Take everything you know about camping – the bugs, uneven sleeping surfaces, poor shower facilities – and get rid of them. At Cinnamon Bay, camping is taken to a completely more relaxing level. For the true camper, Cinnamon Bay has already set up tents…"

  19. ellen reviewed Sleepy Cove Island in Nova Scotia, Canada

    With enough room to sleep only 14 people, Sleepy Cove Island creates a peaceful holiday for all its guests. The hotel has amazing panoramic views of many of the surrounding beaches along the Pacific Ocean and is conveniently located near the town of Pla…"

  20. ellen rated Sleepy Cove Island

  21. ellen rated Kolarbyn Hotel

  22. ellen reviewed Casa Morada in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico

    "Located in Islamorada, only 90 minutes from Miami International Airport, but appearing to be miles from any type of civilization, Casa Morada features only 16 guest rooms, breathtaking views, and a unique Mexican flavour. Since the hotel is on a private…"

  23. ellen rated Molly's Retreat

  24. ellen reviewed Proud Phu Fah in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    "At Proud Phu Fah, you will be relaxing at 1,150 meters above sea level while taking in astonishing panoramic views of the hills that surround you. Weather at this altitude is never too hot, but instead, refreshingly cool and calming. Choose from 9 avai…"

  25. ellen reviewed Mumbo Island in Mozambique

    Mumbo Island, a hotel situated on a deserted island along the waters of Lake Malawi, provides visitors with an experience like none other. Instead of your average hotel rooms, Mumbo Island is made up of five safari tents, each containing normal amenitie…"

  26. ellen reviewed Kolarbyn Hotel in Svealand, Sweden

    "To truly indulge in nature, Kolarbyn is the place to go. Just a few hours from Stockholm, Kolarbyn boasts no electricity, but instead, you can relax among candles and fireplaces. The hotel also provides guests with a variety of free outdoor activities,…"

  27. ellen rated Proud Phu Fah

  28. ellen rated Hotel Ranga

  29. ellen rated The Mud House

  30. ellen rated Elysian Bali Villas

  31. ellen reviewed Saadani Safari Lodge in Tanzania

    A visit to Saadani Safari Lodge will thrill both animal lovers and those who simply wish to take a break. In this relaxing and natural setting, Saadani Safari Lodge promises picturesque views and the occasional glimpse of elephants and hippos. The hote…"

  32. ellen rated La Casona de Yaiza

  33. ellen reviewed The FCC Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Contemporary meets classic at The FCC Angkor. With a traditional Cambodian theme, the FCC Angkor allows guests to take a break from every day life, but still accommodates our technology-forward lifestyle. The hotel features LCD flat-screen televisions,…"

  34. ellen rated Cinnamon Bay

  35. ellen rated Ammende Villa

  36. ellen rated Shanklands

  37. ellen reviewed The Mud House in Uva, Sri Lanka

    At The Mud House, you will experience a holiday like no other, where a hut will be your place of residence during the duration of your stay. You will be living alongside nature and it will let you take in the beauty of your surroundings with little to n…"

  38. ellen reviewed Hotel Ranga in Iceland

    In South Iceland's only 4-star hotel, you will relax in one of 38 cozy rooms that all have outstanding views of the wintry surroundings. From the hotel, the northern lights can be seen from September through April. Also, Hotel Ranga has naturally heate…"

  39. ellen reviewed Luang Say Lodge in Ormoc City, Philippines

    "Featuring 19 rooms with traditional Lao settings, the Luang Say Lodge provides guests with a view of the Mekong River. To get to the hotel, however, you must hop onto a boat and travel down the river for 3 hours. Talk about total seclusion. The hotel …"

  40. ellen reviewed Shanklands in Georgetown, Guyana

    "At Shanklands, nature is of the utmost importance. Here, the true adventure seeker will be able to indulge in all types of outdoors activities, including water skiing, treks through the rainforest, and hikes through areas where there is wildlife. The h…"

  41. ellen reviewed Silks Hotel in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic

    Instead of going to the Caribbean to stay at a hotel that's incredibly populated and crowded, Silks Hotel provides the beauty of the Caribbean without the masses of people. There are only five quaint guest rooms inside this 17th century style mansion an…"

  42. ellen reviewed La Casona de Yaiza in Mexico City, Mexico

    "At La Casona de Yaiza, you will be surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Canary Islands. Seated in Timanfaya National Park and extraordinarily close to the Papagayo Beaches, La Casona de Yaiza offers complete relaxation and a very natural environ…"

  43. ellen reviewed Elysian Bali Villas in Denpasar, Indonesia

    At this beautiful getaway, guests can relax in a picturesque setting, complete with palm trees, a view of the ocean, and comfortable suites. For increased privacy, the villas offer guests their own private swimming pool, oversized bathroom, and enough t…"

  44. ellen reviewed Casa Favonia in Umbria, Italy

    "This privately-owned hotel is home to some of the most breathtaking views found in Italy. With the hotel situated several miles out of town, it's truly possible to get away without really being away. The hotel is located at the base of Monte Santa Cate…"

  45. ellen reviewed Kennywood in Pittsburgh, United States

    Located just outside of Pittsburgh, Kennywood delights guests and thrill seekers throughout the warmer months. With the help of Pittsburgh's hilly landscape, Kennywood has used this to their advantage, designing thrilling roller coasters with huge drops…"

  46. ellen reviewed Hersheypark in US East Coast, United States

    What could be better than a day at a chocolate-themed amusement park? Not much. Hersheypark, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is not only a theme park, but the location where much of Hershey's chocolate is made. Climb aboard the Kissing Tower and you…"

  47. ellen reviewed Disneyland Paris in Paris, France

    Like all Disney-themed parks, Disneyland Park has a plethora of themed rides and attractions, all surrounding the Disney theme. Very similar to their other parks, Disneyland Park also has five themed areas, Main Street U.S.A., Frontierland, Adventurelan…"

  48. ellen reviewed Busch Gardens Europe in Appalachian States, United States

    At Busch Gardens Europe, you can expect the same things you would at any amusement park – lots of rides, food, fun, and memorable experiences. Although the park has Europe in its title, Bush Gardens is not located in Europe, but instead in Virginia. Wi…"

  49. ellen reviewed Carowinds in Charlotte, United States

    Situated on the borders between North and South Carolina, Carowinds is home to many roller coasters, children's rides, and a water park. The Carolina Cyclone, a steel coaster with two loops and two inversions, sends riders on a thrilling trip through th…"

  50. January 2008
  51. ellen reviewed Europa Park in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

    Located in south-west Germany, Europa Park is home to 54 rides, including 9 roller coasters and 4 water rides. Euro-Mir, a spinning roller coaster based on the Russian space station Mir contains a maximum drop of 86 feet. The park is divided into vario…"

  52. ellen reviewed Knoebels in US East Coast, United States

    Nestled in the wooded hills of Central Pennsylvania, Knoebels is a notable find, winning awards from organizations like Amusement Today and The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. Conveniently seated next to a large camping gr…"

  53. ellen reviewed La Ronde in Quebec City, Canada

    Canada's second largest theme park, La Ronde, is home to 39 different rides, 9 of them being roller coasters. In 2001, La Ronde was bought out by Six Flags theme parks, and a season pass from La Ronde will gain you admission into any of the Six Flags pa…"

  54. ellen reviewed Tokyo DisneySea in Tokyo, Japan

    With an estimated staggering price of over $4 billion to construct, Tokyo DisneySea is one of the most visited parks in the world, with an average of 12 million visitors annually. The theme of the park surrounds different things related to water. For ex…"

  55. ellen reviewed Efteling in Tilburg, Netherlands

    Although the park was originally created for young children with a fairy tale theme, Efteling has transformed over the years into an amusement park filled with a variety of old world nostalgia and new world thrills. Efteling is divided into three sectio…"

  56. ellen reviewed Alton Towers in Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Europe's first inverted roller coaster, the world's first vertical drop roller coaster, and the world's first flying roller coaster all reside at Alton Towers, an amusement park located in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Alton Towers is divided into ten …"

  57. ellen reviewed Phantasialand in Thuringia, Germany

    A common trend among amusement parks is to divide the park into various sections, each with different rides and attractions all surrounding a theme. Phantasialand has built its park around seven different themes – Alt Berlin, Fantasy, Mexico, Silver Cit…"

  58. ellen reviewed Dreamworld in Queensland, Australia

    As Australia's largest theme park situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia is home to “The Big 6 Thrill Rides.” This is Dreamworld's advertisement for their six most thrilling rides in the park. It features rides like Tower of Terror, a reve…"

  59. ellen reviewed Lake Compounce in Waterbury, United States

    As the oldest continually running amusement park in America, Lake Compounce, going for its 161st open season, promises entertainment and thrills for all its guests. The park has four roller coasters and over forty other attractions. Lake Compounce's wa…"

  60. ellen reviewed Blackpool Pleasure Beach in North West England, United Kingdom

    Family owned and operated, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, located in England, is home to a variety of old and new. Over the years, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been nominated for many awards, including taking 5th place for best amusement park in the world in…"

  61. ellen reviewed PortAventura in Tarragona, Spain

    Conveniently located only an hour away from Barcelona with two airports in the vicinity, Port Aventura is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. As you enter the park, you will be greeted with five different themed sections, each home to similarl…"

  62. ellen reviewed Coney Island in New York City, United States

    With a history dating back to the 17th century, Coney Island has become a permanent landmark for amusements. Between approximately 1880 and the 1940s, Coney Island was one of the largest amusement areas in the United States, with several million visitor…"

  63. ellen reviewed Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, United States

    Conveniently located between several east-coast metropolitan areas, including New York City and Philadelphia, Six Flags Great Adventure is easy to get to from many places on the East Coast. With a roster of 76 attractions as of 2006, Six Flags Great Adv…"

  64. ellen reviewed Everland in South Korea

    With many comparisons to Disneyland, Everland, provides customers with a very similar experience. According to some, the park has many similar qualities to that of Disneyland, with the architecture, atmosphere, and size all comparable to the Disney them…"

  65. ellen reviewed Ratanga Junction in Cape Town, South Africa

    With their mission statement promising customers the “3 Basics of Service” - Warm Welcome, Magic Moments, and a Fond Farewell, Ratanga Junction, located in Cape Town, provides more than 30 attractions that appeal to those of all ages. With an extensive …"

  66. ellen reviewed Parc Asterix in Paris, France

    "Situated approximately 20 miles north of Paris, Parc Asterix, takes its guests along in the humorous adventures of the park's cartoon character, Asterix, and his friends. You will begin your journey in the times of ancient Gaul, the Roman Empire, throu…"

  67. ellen reviewed Bakken in Copenhagen, Denmark

    At their start, amusement parks were originally known as “pleasure gardens.” They featured fireworks, games, dancing, and entertainment. Although political difficulties in Europe caused many of them to close down during the 1700s, Bakken, or “The Hill,…"

  68. ellen reviewed Cedar Point in Lakes Midwest, United States

    As you fly over the top of Top Thrill Dragster's nearly 500-foot high peak at over 120 miles per hour, you'll be able to get a scenic, albeit quick view of the world's largest Amusement Park. Breaking records left and right, Cedar Point Amusement Park, …"