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Our main aim of Positive World Travel is to inspire others to take the leap and travel the world, excite people as to the endless possibilities that this world lays before them and finally to believe that they really can get out there and discover life outside their own!
We want this website to be a platform for other travellers to share their adventures as well as a place we reveal all about ours. Positive World Travel is an interaction and culmination of thoughts, adventures and emotions that is the direct result of everyone’s experiences.
We feel that we have much to offer our readers, subscribers and viewers. We upload videos of our travels, post some pretty amazing photographs and write open and honestly about our time on the road-whether that be advice, thoughts or information about a destination. We share it all with you in the hopes that you’ll get out and discover this awesome world!

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  1. July 2010
  2. Ant & Elise | Positive World Travel commented on Sherry Ott's Annapurna Circuit

    "Great Article. We are heading to Nepal in a few weeks and were thinking of doing the Annapurna's. A few years ago we did Base Camp Mt Everest but heard that the Annapurna's are also amazing."