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Eleanor is an aspiring writer/confused graduate from south London. Her best ever travel experiences were hitching a ride through the Sierra de Gredos with a very enthusiastic cheese maker, playing musical statues with three hundred Thai children in Mae Hong Son, and the three months that she spent in Barcelona. Her greatest loves are hitch-hiking, taking photos on a Canon 400D that she's still working out how to use, and flailing around Barcelona's Razzmatazz on a Saturday night.

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  1. February 2009
  2. Eleanor Dean reviewed Mariachi in Barcelona, Spain

    "Anyone willing to go looking for the Mariachi deserves to find it. This tiny bar is owned by the musician Manu Chao, and it’s hidden on an otherwise nondescript street just off Plaza George Orwell. Brightly coloured artwork covers every available wall …"

  3. Eleanor Dean reviewed Los Caracoles in Barcelona, Spain

    Los Caracoles is an atmospheric – but very popular – restaurant just off Las Ramblas. Everything about the place is distinctive; from the smell of chicken spit-roasting in the entrance window, to the faded old photographs lining the walls, to the noisy …"

  4. Eleanor Dean reviewed Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona, Spain

    "“Clang, clang, clang went the trolley…” sang Judy Garland in the classic old movie “Meet Me in St Louis”. St Louis and Mount Tibidabo might be a long way apart, but the Tibidabo tram is gloriously quaint and could well have fallen straight out of 1950s …"

  5. Eleanor Dean reviewed The Ravel Cat in Barcelona, Spain

    “El Gat del Ravel” is a statue of a giant cat, made by Columbian artist Fernando Botero. It’s located on Rambla del Ravel. Good things are alleged to come to those who climb up it unaided, but thanks to the cat’s rounded physique (a characteristic comm…"

  6. Eleanor Dean reviewed Bar Marsella in Barcelona, Spain

    Bar Marsella is a suspicious-looking little joint on a corner down Carrer de Sant Pau. The windows are covered, and even the door is difficult to find. Once you’re in, you’ll find walls lined with dusty bottles and old pictures, and a whole menagerie o…"

  7. Eleanor Dean reviewed Carrer de la Mercé Leche de Pantera in Barcelona, Spain

    Carrer de la Mercé is a small street, running parallel to the Passeig de Colum, and home to a varied collection of cocktail bars. The newer ones sell your everyday cocktail fare (mojitos, caipirinhas), but it’s their dingier neighbours who peddle this s…"

  8. Eleanor Dean reviewed La Champagneria in Barcelona, Spain

    Cava is good, cheap cava is better, and cava with a toasted cheese or bacon bocadillo (sandwich) cannot be beaten by anything on earth. La Champagneria is a tiny cava bar, hidden amongst the electrical shops on Carrer de Reina Christina. It’s standing …"

  9. Eleanor Dean reviewed The Plaça d'Espanya in Barcelona, Spain

    Turn up to Plaça d'Espanya on a Thursday to Sunday evening, between May and October, and you’ll be greeted by a spectacular music and light show starring the plaça fountains. It sounds like something out of Disney World, but it’s actually quite impressi…"

  10. Eleanor Dean reviewed Castell de Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain

    "The Teleféric de Montjuic is a cable car that runs from the Montjuic Funicular station to the Castell de Montjuic. It’s smoother, more modern and generally less terrifying than the over-crowded Barceloneta-Montjuic version. The cars are more frequent, …"

  11. January 2009
  12. Eleanor Dean wrote a holiday idea Eleanor's Barcelona

    How to see Barcelona’s art, food, cultural and party highlights in only three days."

  13. August 2008
  14. Eleanor Dean reviewed Barcelona Zoo in Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona Zoo has been open since 1892, originally housing the privately collected animals of a wealthy local man. Nowadays, it’s just as concerned with showcasing its important conservation work and research, running children’s events, lectures, field …"

  15. Eleanor Dean reviewed Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain

    El Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is the home of Real Madrid, one of the world’s most famous football clubs. Guided tours around the stadium are run daily (even on the mornings of match days). There’s also a shop, café and restaurant."

  16. Eleanor Dean reviewed Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain

    Parc Guell is a public park with a difference - it’s home to some unique works by the famed Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi. Once a housing site, Gaudi was encouraged by his patron, Count Eusebi Guell, to transform the area in which both men were then l…"

  17. Eleanor Dean reviewed El Retiro in Madrid, Spain

    Well designed and varied, El Retiro is Madrid’s most widely visited park. It’s especially popular on Sundays, when the Madrileños flock in to lounge on the grass, stroll by the lake, argue over games of boules, or rollerblade their way into the flowerbe…"

  18. Eleanor Dean reviewed Mijas Pueblo in Andalucia, Spain

    Mijas Pueblo is a sedate mountain village on the Costa del Sol. Rambling streets filled with dainty, white-washed houses provide ample photo opportunities, as do the stunning views of the coast – even reaching as far as the Atlas Mountains when the weat…"

  19. Eleanor Dean reviewed Madrid Zoo and Aquarium in Madrid, Spain

    Madrid’s zoo is relatively young in zoo-terms, as it’s only been in its current location at the Casa de Campo for about twenty five years. Moving to this new home allowed ample opportunities for the zoo to grow, and it has particularly large collections…"

  20. Eleanor Dean reviewed Isla Magica in Seville, Spain

    Isla Magica is a theme park just outside of Seville, built on the site of the Expo ’92 World Fair. It contains a variety of rides, rollercoasters and shows, including El Jaguar: the first inverted rollercoaster in Spain. The park’s slogan, ‘Diversion s…"

  21. Eleanor Dean rated Madrid Zoo and Aquarium

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  30. Eleanor Dean reviewed Miro Foundation in Barcelona, Spain

    The Miro Foundation (Fundacio Joan Miro) commemorates the life and work of Joan Miro, the Catalan Surrealist artist. Designed by the architect Josep Luis Sert – a good friend of Miro - the huge collection is housed in a Mediterranean style building, inc…"

  31. Eleanor Dean reviewed Valle de los Caidos in Madrid, Spain

    The Valle de los Caidos is a monument to those who died in the Spanish Civil War, built on the orders of General Franco. The site includes an enormous domed basilica, carved out within the side of the valley and reachable only through a long, dimly lit …"

  32. Eleanor Dean reviewed Spanish Football At Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain

    "Camp Nou is the stadium home of FC Barcelona, one of Spain’s most successful football clubs. Guided tours of the stadium run daily, and include access to the FC Barcelona museum, which chronicles the club’s history and gives information about its famous…"

  33. Eleanor Dean reviewed Temple of Pura Besakih in Bali, Indonesia

    "Pura Besakih is Bali’s ‘mother temple’ – the largest and most important religious site on the island. It’s one of the island’s six ‘pura luhur’ (‘high temples’), and stands an impressive 3000 ft above sea level on the slopes of Mount Agung - an active v…"

  34. Eleanor Dean reviewed Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

    Table Mountain is a famous landmark in Cape Town, overlooking the town’s harbour at Table Bay. Its 3km wide ‘table-top’ plateau gives it the iconic silhouette that features on Cape Town’s city flag, and the clouds which settle around the mountain can cr…"

  35. Eleanor Dean rated Table Mountain

  36. Eleanor Dean rated Festival Kreol

  37. Eleanor Dean rated North Island Seychelles Hotel

  38. Eleanor Dean rated Makgadikgadi Pans

  39. Eleanor Dean reviewed Makgadikgadi Pans in Central Botswana, Botswana

    Botwana’s Makgadikgadi Pan is the largest complex of salt flats in the world; in total, it covers 16,000  (6,177.6 les). The pans are large, flat expanses of mineral-covered ground, created by the evaporation of an ancient lake. Each pan is covered wit…"

  40. Eleanor Dean reviewed North Island Seychelles Hotel in Seychelles

    After it was abandoned in the 1970s, a massive conservation project began on North Island. Ecologists decided to return the tiny island, choked with invasive species after years as part of the coconut farming industry, to its natural eco-system, re-intr…"

  41. Eleanor Dean reviewed Festival Kreol in Seychelles

    The Seychelles’ annual Festival Kreol is a flamboyant celebration of all things Creole, showcasing the islands’ vibrant combination of African, European, Chinese and Indian heritage. The festival opens with a massive street party, and the ensuing days f…"

  42. July 2008
  43. Eleanor Dean reviewed Ayung River in Bali, Indonesia

    The Ayung River runs through a deep canyon in the Balinese rainforest. Professional rafting companies offer rafting trips down the river, taking in the canyon’s lush scenery, rapids and waterfalls. The rapids aren’t the most exciting you&rs…"

  44. Eleanor Dean rated Nyepi

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  47. Eleanor Dean reviewed Bali Treetop Adventure Park in Bali, Indonesia

    The Bali Treetop Adventure Park is a huge adventure playground for kids and adults alike, snaking around the tree-tops at the Eka Karya Botanical Garden. The park includes five different circuits, each one suitable for a different age group. The larges…"

  48. Eleanor Dean reviewed Nyepi in Denpasar, Indonesia

    Nyepi is the Hindu festival of New Year, and is celebrated – in somewhat unusual fashion – with a day of silence, stillness and introspection. Though tourist hotels are exempt from the custom, visitors are expected to remain in their accommodation and n…"

  49. Eleanor Dean reviewed Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu) in Bali, Indonesia

    The Pura Luhar are Bali’s ‘high temples’ – the most important and sacred places on the island. Uluwatu is one of the oldest Pura Luhar on Bali, and is perched on a cliff-top at the island’s most south-westerly point. Built…"

  50. Eleanor Dean reviewed Galungan Festival in Bali, Indonesia

    Galungan is a 10-day festival, celebrated every six months. It commemorates the story of Mayadenawa, a tyrannical king who enraged the gods by repressing Hinduism on Bali. By remembering his death, the Galungan festival celebrates the Hindu gods and th…"

  51. Eleanor Dean reviewed Ulun Danu Temple (Pura Ulun Danu) in Denpasar, Indonesia

    Pura Ulun Danu is notable for its impressive location: it sits on a tiny island, in a great lake at the foot of the ancient mountain of Beratan. Dedicated to the goddess Dewi Batarai Ulun Danu, the guardian of lakes and rivers, the temple boasts stunnin…"

  52. Eleanor Dean reviewed Legoland Billund in Syddanmark, Denmark

    Not content with simply inventing Lego, the Danes opened the original Legoland theme park in 1968. Legoland Billund is divided into eight different zones: Miniland, Legoredo Town, Imagination Zone, Adventure Land, Knights' Kingdom, Duplo Land, Pirate La…"

  53. Eleanor Dean reviewed Copenhagen Jazz Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Occurring annually since 1979, this festival gives Copenhagen's jazz community a license to overrun the city and take jazz to the masses. The festival runs for ten days in early July, and features a staggering number of performances – around nine hundre…"

  54. Eleanor Dean reviewed Vikingeskibsmuseet (Viking Ship Museum) in Sjaelland, Denmark

    The ocean and ocean-travel were vital to Denmark’s Viking communities. At the Vikingeskibsmuseet (Viking Ship Museum), you can learn about this core of Viking culture, and experience a mini watery voyage of your own. The museum’s main hall houses five …"

  55. Eleanor Dean reviewed Ribe Viking Centre in Syddanmark, Denmark

    The Ribe Viking Centre is a full scale recreation of a Viking settlement, reflecting Ribe’s history as an important Viking port. Reconstructions include an 8th century style market place where visitors can haggle with stallholders, a 10th century style …"