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12th August 2011

I work too much to be ballin' on a budget. I try to stay active by working out, hiking, running, and a new found hobby of snorkeling with the bf. I LOVE to dance and listen to hip hop/r&b. Nothing beats hanging out with close friends and family. Saving money is key but constantly thinking about the next travel destination is a must. Rocco and Maverick are the best pups in the world. On going and strong with the best bf ever.

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  1. August 2011
  2. Egenevieve reviewed Disneyland (Anaheim) in California, United States

    "Love it!"

  3. Egenevieve rated Disneyland (Anaheim)

  4. Egenevieve rated Golden Gate Park

  5. Egenevieve rated Alcatraz

  6. Egenevieve reviewed Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, United States

    "The short film prior to stepping on the boat was really a touching mini-documentary. Right when you step on the boat onto the USS Arizona, you can't believe you are viewing a part of history."

  7. Egenevieve rated Pearl Harbor

  8. Egenevieve rated Virginia Beach

  9. Egenevieve rated Magic Mountain

  10. Egenevieve rated Knott's Berry Farm

  11. Egenevieve rated Los Angeles

  12. Egenevieve rated Las Vegas Strip – The Strip

  13. Egenevieve rated San Diego Zoo

  14. Egenevieve rated Sandy Beach, South Shore

  15. Egenevieve rated Waikiki Beach - One of The Most Famous Beach

  16. Egenevieve reviewed Waikiki Beach - One of The Most Famous Beach in Honolulu, United States

    "Our hotel was literally on Waikiki Beach and our ocean view from our lanai was breathtaking. You can even see Diamond Head from our hotel. The sand was soft and water was warm. Liked it a lot."

  17. Egenevieve rated Diamond Head

  18. Egenevieve reviewed Diamond Head in Honolulu, United States

    "The hike itself is not difficult. Make sure you keep hydrated and watch out for the foot traffic. Other than that, the view when you reach the top is awesome. Definite must to hike."

  19. Egenevieve rated La Jolla Cove

  20. Egenevieve reviewed La Jolla Cove in US West Coast, United States

    "Sometimes we take local spots for granted such as La Jolla Cove. I've lived in SD for a majority of my life and never knew you can go snorkeling at the cove. It was an awesome experience. The water is super cold but worth it."

  21. Egenevieve rated Snorkeling Hanauma Bay

  22. Egenevieve reviewed Snorkeling Hanauma Bay in Honolulu, United States

    "It was my first time in Hawaii and my first time snorkeling. I am not a strong swimmer but it was quite a beautiful experience seeing lovely fishes. Hanauma Bay sparked my bf's interest in snorkeling and now it is a hobby we plan on pursuing together."