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28th April 2012

I've had enough of this rat race in the UK so I want to get away for a few months.
Boa Vista was superb when we visited last year. One day we hired quad bikes and travelled south to see some of the wild, windy, barren beaches where there's not a lot to do except wonder at the beauty of where desert meets sea.
Another day we saw bottle nose dolphins come so close to the beach I could have waded out to them. I watched them for what seemed like an hour as they swam parrallel to the beach for about half a mile. Word soon got round and a few locals arrived with their children to watch.
We stayed at the Riu Karamboa which was very nice in every way but I think you need to mix with the local community to experience what life is truly like there.

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    "Cape Verde is just within the 'Short Haul' range. We flew from Gatwick to Boa Vista. On the return flight, the wind direction meant that the Captain could n't take the full amount of fuel due to the weight so we had to land in Faro, Portugal, to refuel o…"

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    "There is nothing I dislike about Boa Vista. It can be quite windy and the sea can be very rough, too rough to swim, but on those days you can use the hotel pools after a good walk along the beach. We stayed at the Riu Karumboa which was superb. But I …"

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    "I will be going to Boa Vista for the second time, it has the best beaches I have ever seen! Can anyone clarify the situation on naturism"