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25th June 2009

No relation to the actor, I travel widely for work and love all points East. My favourite hotel in the world in the Imperial in Delhi.

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  1. June 2009
  2. James E. Wood rated Malta

  3. James E. Wood rated The Roman Forum

  4. James E. Wood commented on The Roman Forum in Rome, Italy

    "The Forum was largely intact until the Renaissance, though crumbling. But the architects who so admired the classical style and copied them in their great churches and palaces felt no compunction about using the Forum as a quarry for their building mater…"

  5. James E. Wood rated Hadrian's Wall

  6. James E. Wood commented on In the Wilds of British Colombia

    "I like the sound of glamping!"

  7. James E. Wood rated Alte Pinakothek