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  1. April 2010
  2. Donna Brown commented on Cruising the Yangtze River in Chongqing, China

    "Yangtze River is a Chinese salvation that exhibits primeval villages along the banks all of them depicting their affluent, commercial history. The water course is tranquil, muted, and rusty at first. However, the brawny influence of the West becomes quit…"

  3. Donna Brown commented on Great Barrier Reef in Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    "It spread of over 2000 kilometers. Along with Green Turtles, whales, and dolphins, the water conserves over 4000 types of mollusks that wander around in search of food. You will find almost every type of marine creature in the bunch of reefs. This is one…"

  4. Donna Brown commented on Costa Rica

    "Costa Rica vacations is an ultimate source of refreshment and revitalization. This place doesn’t only offer pleasurable panoramas. It provides wide range of audacious escapades like scuba diving, biking, white water river rafting, snorkeling, four wheeli…"

  5. Donna Brown commented on Angel Falls in Angel Falls region, Venezuela

    "This breathtakingly beautiful waterfall is sixteen times height of Niagara Falls Canada and one of Venezuela's top tourist draws. Think of each of these mountains like an island surrounded by forest, "Beautiful". "

  6. Donna Brown commented on Great Wall of China in Beijing, China

    "Nice Post! China’s most legendary and massive structure, The Great Wall of China, wiggles sporadically from its dispersed remnants in Lianing toward Jiayugaun province in Gobi Desert. "