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  1. April 2010
  2. Dan Mason reviewed Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City, Mexico

    Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in the Americas, a glorious old Gothic girl based on the churches in the conquistadors home in Spain."

  3. January 2010
  4. Dan Mason reviewed Whale Watching in Vancouver in Vancouver, Canada

    There aren't many cities that have coastlines clean enough and quiet enough to keep attracting whales, but Vancouver does – and visitors can take whale watching tours right out of town, many of which keep the emphasis on science and conservation to…"

  5. Dan Mason reviewed Highline Trail in Montana, United States

    The section of the Highline Trail that everyone knows, and raves, about is the 7.6mile scenic stretch also called 'The Garden Wall'. The whole thing winds though this mountain scenery for a lot longer – from Logan Pass to Fifty Mountain Camping Gr…"

  6. July 2007
  7. Dan Mason rated Birdwatching in Kakadu

  8. Dan Mason rated Asa Wright Birdwatching

  9. June 2007
  10. Dan Mason rated Pompeii

  11. Dan Mason reviewed Diving for tanks around Suzie's Bommie in Papua New Guinea

    "Suzie’s Bommie is like a giant coral covered mushroom sitting in the middle of a stretch of white sand and it’s teeming with life. The strong current brings in schools of fish, I saw snapper, wrasse, sweetlips, stonefish and batfish. I also saw pygmy s…"

  12. Dan Mason reviewed Diving the wreck of the USAT Liberty Glo in Bali, Indonesia

    "This is one of Bali’s most famous dives, it’s also one of my favourite wreck dives. I like it because it’s got black volcanic sand instead of yellow which makes everything look so much more startling, and the coral looks almost luminous. The ship is ea…"

  13. Dan Mason reviewed Dive the Wreck of the Kowloon in Cork, Ireland

    "Kowloon Bridge is an upright wreck dive at between five and about 35 metres and it’s one of the worlds largest wrecks, I think it’s 300 metres long. The front of the ship is still fairly intact and it’s an impressive sight. The back is breaking up whic…"

  14. Dan Mason rated Surf The Pass

  15. Dan Mason rated Surf Snapper Rocks (Superbank)

  16. Dan Mason rated Surfing Ti Tree Bay

  17. Dan Mason rated Margaret River's Surf

  18. Dan Mason rated New Orleans Mardi Gras

  19. Dan Mason rated Chateau de Versailles Gardens

  20. Dan Mason rated Monet's Gardens

  21. Dan Mason rated Manado Diving

  22. Dan Mason rated Diving Million Dollar Point

  23. Dan Mason rated The SS President Coolidge

  24. Dan Mason rated Dive and snorkel Korumolun Island

  25. Dan Mason rated Underwater world of Pescador Island

  26. Dan Mason rated Diving around Fastnet Rock

  27. Dan Mason reviewed Sydney Festival in Sydney, Australia

    "I would agree that the big spectaculars set on the harbour are the highlights of the festival. A couple of years ago the show featured an immense mechanical elephant and the year before that there was an Egyptian themed opera complete with a three dimen…"

  28. Dan Mason reviewed Great Barrier Reef in Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    "What ever you're looking for from a dive you will find it somewhere on the Barrier Reef. It's such a vast area that you can find your own space to investigate and spend weeks just poking around a variety of dives. Personally I enjoy swimming amongst th…"

  29. May 2007
  30. Dan Mason reviewed Diving Willy's Hole and Turtle Harbour in Honduras

    Willy’s Hole is part of a dive that the locals call The Maze, which is an area with lots of rocky canyons and sand channels about ten metres down near the edge of the continental shelf. Willy’s Hole itself is one of the biggest canyons in the area and i…"

  31. Dan Mason reviewed Diving the Great Blue Hole in Belize City, Belize

    This is one of the world’s most famous dives, I saw a dvd showing it and I really wanted to go, so much so that I went and had some more technical diving lessons to get good enough to be allowed to go to the bottom. It’s probably the hardest dive I’ve d…"