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I'm an independent lawyer with an interest in history, original cultures of South America, tourism and literature. I work on personal projects to rescue the cultural heritage of Santiago and Chile. Also I work with Mapuche communities in Santiago as a lawyer ad honorem. I am not married but I have a big family with six brothers and sisters, all of them live in Santiago.
I been travelling around Chile since I was 15. We used to take long trips in the summer with groups of 7-9 friends, going to places that were hardly known. I love Chile and I'm always reading and travelling about different places. Also I have been to Peru and Bolivia. I travelled by bus and embraced the idea that you have to get involved with the local people to understand the essence of a country.
Santiago is a city that I know very well. I have been doing walking tours for almost 5 years and I have edited 2 books about the city.
Contact me to start planning your trip to Chile and Santiago!

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