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13th February 2009

I'm off to see the world. Usually I live in Flagstaff, but now I am on a boat with an old friend. We will be doing good deeds and humanitarian acts all along our trip. These will be documented in a video cast that will be updated all the time as well as audio podcasts and blogging. If you like what we are doing and want to support us.

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  1. March 2010
  2. Derek Turner wrote a blog post The Dangers of Israel

    I hit the ground instantly. The force of impact nearly knocked me out. Stunned, I tried to gather and prepare myself for more. I didn’t know how or why, the only thing I was sure of was that I was under attack."

  3. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Shalom Israel

    I found myself in a hammock, swinging back and forth between exhaustion and the inability to sleep."

  4. Derek Turner wrote a blog post One Basic Need

    These kids are different. They don’t look different. They don’t act different. They don’t even feel different…but they are. They know they are, which might be the greatest challenge these children ever face. They’re all HIV positive."

  5. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Life in Ruin

    The roads are made of stone. Honduran men stroll casually through the streets. Shielded from the searing sun, their machetes swing step by step, in and out of the circle of shade offered by their cowboy hats."

  6. Derek Turner wrote a blog post False Alarm

    I lased up my tenni’s and brushed my teeth. I had no idea what was in store for the day. The rumors were that the ex-president was planning an entry into Honduras, which according to my friend meant protests and manifestations from “Mel” supporters."

  7. Derek Turner wrote a blog post The “Artists for Haiti” Project

    The island of Hispaniola has a special place in my mind."

  8. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Honduras: A Dialogue Between Realist Derek and Idealist Derek

    There are times when you’d think Realist Derek might speak up. For example, when Idealist Derek was getting ramped up to “make a difference,” chatting with his friend from Honduras."

  9. July 2009
  10. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Help us HELP the world as well as review it

    "Help Derek from The World By Sea choose the next cause to give his time and energy to."

  11. June 2009
  12. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Small But Significant

    In the big scheme of things, I didn’t do much. I drove a ways. I took money that you donated, bought a freezer, and made a trip to the school it would help."

  13. Derek Turner wrote a blog post San Antonio De Los Cobres

    When we last left off, our hero (…aka Derek) sat at some random corner in Salta, Argentina. He sat at the corner he was supposed to sit, at the time he was supposed to be there, waiting for the cab that was supposed to pick him up."

  14. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Anaïs, Max and Viveros Guzman

    "When two total strangers offer to spend one of their days traveling to translate for you in a place where you have proven to have no luck communicating for yourself, it’s a dream come true."

  15. April 2009
  16. Derek Turner wrote a blog post The Road to Salta

    Let me set the scene. I had just fallen in love with Argentina after the approving sun set on my afternoon of shoe fitting and polo. Again the crew slept as we drove back to Buenos Aires. Again I kneeled next to Pepe in the aisle."

  17. March 2009
  18. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Shoes and Horses

    7 o’clock came awful early. And I do mean awful. The alarm sounds-piercing the darkest part of my soul. I frantically scramble to find and stop the torturous beep of my watch which I had attached to the foot of my bed the night before so as not to just p"

  19. February 2009
  20. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Tomorrow’s Shoes

    “I just cried… People talk to me, and I cried. People say, ‘Oh Alejo, thank you very much,’ and I just cried… Now I see the documentary and I say, ‘How the hell could I cry so much?!’”"

  21. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Big Steps

    "After a full day of meeting with local boaters and organizations, a nice lady looked me in the eye and said graciously, “You’re not going to change the world…”"

  22. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Friends from Far. Far from Friends

    There’s something admirable about an animal that simply does not care what others think."

  23. Derek Turner wrote a blog post The World By Sea

    One major downside to being at sea is you can neither blog nor journal very well."

  24. Derek Turner wrote a blog post Buenvinidos Buenos Aires

    I’ve been putting off South America because it’s always seemed close and somewhere along the way I developed the idea that I should start far while I’m young, energetic, and handsome then work my way back."