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19th July 2007

Dave Johnson is the President of CASA (Chilean Andean Snow Adventures) Tours. CASA Tours leads 8-15 day guided ski and snowboard adventures throughout Chile and Argentina. In the Northern Hemisphere winters Dave is based in South Western Montana.

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  1. December 2007
  2. Dave Johnson rated Ski Headwaters Traverse, Moonlight Basin

  3. Dave Johnson rated Skiing Fantasy Ridge: Solitude Mountain

  4. Dave Johnson reviewed Ski Headwaters Traverse, Moonlight Basin in Mountain States, United States

    "Ok so this is my local mountain and I am biased but this hike is hands down the most exposed trail leaving from a ski area in the lower 48. Accessed from either Moonlight Basin's Headwaters Lift or Big Sky's Challenger Lift this hike starts as a benign …"

  5. Dave Johnson reviewed Skiing Fantasy Ridge: Solitude Mountain in Mountain States, United States

    From the top of the Summit chairlift, Fantasy Ridge follows a knife-edge ridgeline and leads riders to a number of steep, snaking couloirs through the Honeycomb cliffs as well as open bowls like Silver and Days Fork, and tree lined spines like Murphy's. …"

  6. Dave Johnson reviewed Ski Termas de Chillan in Biobío, Chile

    Although my legs fall asleep, my back aches, and I get fidgety, riding the Don Otto, South America’s longest and oldest chairlift, accesses one of Chile’s finest day tours. This rickety two-seater that Dopplemeyer made Termas de Chillan take their name o…"

  7. Dave Johnson rated Ski Termas de Chillan

  8. Dave Johnson rated Skiing 'The Needles'

  9. Dave Johnson reviewed Skiing 'The Needles' in Cuyo, Argentina

    Observing the weather from the Plaza Hotel in Esquel it appeared it was going to be a nasty day. After experiencing the mountain in a full fury of wind and snow the day before, today looked as if the mountain would be shut down. Thick clouds blanketed …"

  10. Dave Johnson rated Ski Pirigallo Fingers, Termas de Chillan

  11. Dave Johnson reviewed Ski Pirigallo Fingers, Termas de Chillan in Biobío, Chile

    Arriving at Termas de Chillan’s upper parking lot, tunnel vision sets in and one is immediately directed to the Pirigallo Fingers. In full display above the cafeteria, the ‘fingers’ beg to be tattooed with tracks. After a fresh Andean storm while ridin…"

  12. Dave Johnson reviewed Ski the Nevado Chillan in Biobío, Chile

    One of 3 volcanoes rising above the lifts of Termas de Chillan, Nevado Chillan is the furthest north and the most massive. With a glaciated West face and rolling snow dunes leading to its approach, Nevado Chillan provides many unique descents. At 3900 …"

  13. Dave Johnson rated Ski the Nevado Chillan

  14. October 2007
  15. Dave Johnson rated Skiing La Hoya

  16. Dave Johnson reviewed Skiing La Hoya in Cuyo, Argentina

    Located deep in the heart of the Patagonian Andes, La Hoya Ski Center is a gem especially for off piste enthusiasts. Situated above the town of Esquel, in the Chabut province of Southern Argentina, La Hoya reminds me of Colorado’s Arapahoe Basin. It re…"

  17. July 2007
  18. Dave Johnson reviewed Valle El Arpa Skiing in Santiago Metropolita, Chile

    All I can say is WOW! The road to Arpa could be one of the craziest roads accessing a ski hill on the planet. Talk about a wild experience! We all could not believe the snow line. The access road to Arpa climbs out of the Aconcagua Valley starting ar…"