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Dave Clucas has been caving for over 40 years, starting near his home in Derbyshire and Yorkshire in the UK and moving further afield to France, Spain Greece, USA, Oman, Sarawak and Papua New Guinea. For many years he was a member of the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation and the Derbyshire Section of the Cave Diving Group. He now lives and caves in Sarawak, Malaysia. He has travelled extensively and is a keen photographer.

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  1. October 2009
  2. Dave Clucas reviewed Chom Ong Cave in Laos

    Explored and mapped by the Northern Lao-European Cave Project, the 13.4 km long Tham Chom Ong (Chom Ong Cave) is currently the second longest cave in Laos ([2009]. With aid from a German Development Agency, the Tourism Office of Xay district (Oudomxay p…"

  3. Dave Clucas rated Chom Ong Cave

  4. Dave Clucas commented on Niah Caves in Malaysia

    "The paintings are not in the cave marked as 'Great Cave' but in the 'Painted Cave', an entrance a little further along the hill."

  5. Dave Clucas commented on Kuching Orchid Garden in Kuching, Malaysia

    "Now that the new parliament building is complete, I understand that the Orchid Garden is to be re-instated. I will report back when progress is complete."

  6. May 2008
  7. Dave Clucas rated Longhouse Culture of the Iban people in Borneo

  8. December 2007
  9. Dave Clucas rated Kuching Orchid Garden

  10. Dave Clucas reviewed Kuching Orchid Garden in Kuching, Malaysia

    Having visited the excellent Orchid Gardens before, I was very sad to see on my recent visit to Kuching, that the gardens have now been replaced by a government building. I have asked around to see if the gardens have been moved somewhere else but, as f…"

  11. October 2007
  12. Dave Clucas reviewed Forts in Oman in Oman

    Al Jalali Fort, located in Oman's capital Muscat, commands views of the harbour and the old city, including the Sultan's Al Alam Palace. Together with its 'twin', the Mirani fort, standing on a rocky outcrop a short distance away, the Al Jalali Fort onc…"

  13. Dave Clucas rated Forts in Oman

  14. Dave Clucas reviewed Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia

    At just over 120 kilometres long, Fraser island is the longest sand island in the world. It is a World Heritage Site and for those who love tropical, white sandy beaches this is a must for visitors to Queensland. The best way to get there is to drive by…"

  15. Dave Clucas rated Fraser Island

  16. Dave Clucas reviewed Lambir Hills National Park in Malaysia

    For the keen walker and gentle stroller alike, Lambir Hills National Park offers a wide range of visual and aural experiences. There are currently around 9 or 10 marked tracks open to the public with four of them leading to waterfalls and two leading to…"

  17. Dave Clucas rated Lambir Hills National Park

  18. September 2007
  19. Dave Clucas reviewed Longhouse Culture of the Iban people in Borneo in Malaysia

    Loagan Tasan is an Iban longhouse near to Marudi on the Baram River in Sarawak. In June the Ulu (upriver) tribes or Dayaks all over Sarawak celebrate Gawai, equivalent to a harvest festival. During this time family members gather at the longhouse and pa…"

  20. Dave Clucas rated Mt. Kinabalu Summit

  21. Dave Clucas reviewed Mt. Kinabalu Summit in Sabah, Malaysia

    Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South-East Asia. It is located on the tropical island of Borneo but beware, whilst the temperature at sea level is usually around 35 degrees celsius, at the summit it can be as low as a few degrees and can even …"

  22. Dave Clucas rated The Tribal People of Papua New Guinea

  23. Dave Clucas reviewed The Tribal People of Papua New Guinea in Papua New Guinea

    The tribes of Papua New Guinea are reputed to be ferocious cannibals but, during a three month long caving expedition I was treated with kindness and generosity. In 2005 the NGS supported Untamed Rivers of New Britain Expedition explored new caves in th…"

  24. Dave Clucas reviewed Titan – The Biggest Shaft in the UK in North West England, United Kingdom

    Titan is the name given to the longest natural underground shaft (145m) in the UK. Discovered in 2000 by cave explorer Dave ‘Moose’ Nixon after several years of digging in collapsed sections of the Peak/Speedwell Cave System, this shaft has now been conn…"

  25. Dave Clucas rated Titan – The Biggest Shaft in the UK

  26. Dave Clucas reviewed Giant's Hole - Derbyshire in North West England, United Kingdom

    Giant's Hole, an ideal cave for beginners has much to offer to all grades of caver. It contains sections which are well-decorated with speleothems , a stream, pitches, crawls, squeezes, climbs, cascades, ducks and a canal offering most of the typical cav…"

  27. Dave Clucas rated Giant's Hole - Derbyshire

  28. Dave Clucas rated Flying a Cessna from Florida to the Bahamas

  29. Dave Clucas reviewed Flying a Cessna from Florida to the Bahamas in US South East, United States

    When I gained my Pilot's licence in 1994 I went to Marco Island in Florida for some hours building. The highlight of my stay there was a flight to the Bahamas. A flight plan had to be filed and, as the flight passed through a restricted flying area near …"

  30. Dave Clucas reviewed Al Hotta Cave in Bahla', Oman

    The Al Hota - Al Fallah cave near Al Hamra, at 4.5km long is the second longest cave in Oman after Khoshilat Maqandeli. Al Hota is the name given to the sink and Al Fallah, the resurgence. The entrances to Al Hota are in a large 45m deep sink hole and b…"

  31. Dave Clucas rated Al Hotta Cave

  32. Dave Clucas reviewed Wind Cave to Clearwater Cave in Malaysia

    Mulu has arguably the best caves in the world. Situated in the Gunung Mulu National Park, these caves, described in print as The Giant Caves of Borneo contain Sarawak Chamber, the largest known cave chamber in the world. Access to the caves is strictly…"

  33. Dave Clucas rated Wind Cave to Clearwater Cave