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24th June 2008

I'd rather be diving, but telling you about it comes a close second.

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  1. June 2008
  2. Danny Jones reviewed Diving Willy's Hole and Turtle Harbour in Honduras

    Turtle Harbour is one of the most popular places to dive in Utila – which is one of the most popular places to dive in the world. The appeal is the steep and beautiful wall dives and reef drop offs which plummet for many metres beginning quite close to…"

  3. May 2007
  4. Danny Jones reviewed Barkley Sound Diving in British Columbia, Canada

    There are many individual dives to try out in Barkley Sound, several wreck dives among them. The one I remember most was on Renate’s Reef in the Imperial Eagle Channel. Barkley Sound is known for abundant life, all the guide books say it ‘teems’, but t…"

  5. Danny Jones reviewed The Palancar Reef in Cozumel, Mexico

    This was my first experience of a coral garden. I didn’t realise it was such a literal phrase, believing it to be more of an accepted term for a coral collective. Palancar reef is very garden like. In the clear water against the pale sand, the c…"

  6. Danny Jones reviewed Under the water of AuAu Canyon in Hawaii, United States

    A deep and beautiful dive where hammerheads power gracefully by, first below and then above you as you go lower and the blue of the water darkens to a bright dark colour lined with the green light you get in Hawaii. The largest hammerhead I ever saw I s…"

  7. Danny Jones reviewed Diving Wreck Alley in US West Coast, United States

    I came for the name, without knowing too much about the conditions but I am recommending it for the lush colours of the healthy coral gardens. Not one for artificial reefs, these wrecks have been positioned perfectly for coral growth and communities of …"

  8. Danny Jones reviewed 'The Wall' Dive, Glover's Reef in Belize

    ‘The Wall’ is only one of the Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve dives. The reserve exists because of the huge range of coral the reefs are growing with and variations in the reefs themselves – which also qualify Glover’s as being an incredibly interesting pl…"

  9. Danny Jones reviewed Diving Mary's Place in Honduras

    Now one of the world’s best known diving sites, Mary’s Place had to close for a while it got so busy. The hype is due to its shape, a main wall off which a maze of crevices and ridges, swim-throughs and caves which have filled with coral growth and attr…"

  10. Danny Jones reviewed Diving and snorkeling around El Gouna in El Gouna, Egypt

    Something like a giant diving resort? El Gouna is an excellent place to learn to dive. As well as being well set up as far as hire and teaching facilities the water is warm and there is a pretty generous choice of diving terrain starting at calm coral …"