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30th July 2007

I have always loved the water so no one was surprised when I wanted to spend my gap year with an organization working to preserve reef health. That was ten years ago and the 'year' before university has spread out to become the decade and may well become the rest of my life. Over that time I have worked as a snorkeling, diving and watersports instructor in a range of beautiful places and managed to spend very little time in temperatures less than 74 degrees. I have also spent as much time as possible traveling and have been lucky enough to get some good advice from locals and other experts on my travels which I am happy to share on World Reviewer. Spread the love for the reef and the marine life that lives there and be gentle and appreciate of it.

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  1. May 2010
  2. Daniella May reviewed Anand Bhavan in Allahabad, India

    Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, who both became Prime Ministers of India, were both born here.  It's the Nehru-Gandhi Family home and was built in the 19th Century by Motilal Nehru.  It's now a museum, so you can have a look at th…"

  3. Daniella May rated Journeys on the Ganges

  4. August 2007
  5. Daniella May rated Mt. Kinabalu National Park

  6. Daniella May rated Snorkeling off Lalati Island

  7. Daniella May reviewed Snorkeling off Lalati Island in Fiji

    This is another relatively expensive Fijian resort, but again the snorkeling and off shore diving are incredible. You can dive or snorkel from the beach right in front of the main portion of the resort, called Jayne’s Lane, and expect to see an excellen…"

  8. Daniella May rated Snorkeling Taveuni and Matangi Islands

  9. Daniella May reviewed Snorkeling Taveuni and Matangi Islands in Fiji

    The ocean between Taveuni and Matangi Islands and the coastlines of both islands are full of great places to conduct underwater explorations. The north eastern region of the Fiji islands are known for their plentiful and varied reef fish and colourful s…"

  10. Daniella May rated Snorkeling around and under Lizard Island

  11. Daniella May reviewed Snorkeling around and under Lizard Island in Queensland, Australia

    Not usually a coral enthusiast, I usually prefer meeting large fish when I‘m snorkeling, I have to say that I was overwhelmed by the colourful, and hugely varied, array of coral to be found around Lizard Island on it’s fringed reef lagoon and outer reefs…"

  12. July 2007
  13. Daniella May reviewed Lembeh Straits Snorkeling in Bitung, Indonesia

    Lembeh Strait is in an ideal spot, in the cross currents of the Moluccan Sea and the Sulawesi Sea, to attract unusual marine life. There is plenty of food here and the soft corals and anemones are an explosion of life and colour full of varied texture a…"

  14. Daniella May rated Lembeh Straits Snorkeling

  15. Daniella May rated Bath Abbey

  16. Daniella May reviewed Underwater Guanaja, Bay Islands in Honduras

    Most people travel to Honduras to snorkel and dive in Roatan, however Guanaja would be my preference of the two. This volcanic island and it’s surrounding ocean is a maze of interesting perforated rock formations created when lava has hit the ocean and …"

  17. Daniella May rated Underwater Guanaja, Bay Islands

  18. Daniella May rated Exploring the Namena Barrier Reef

  19. Daniella May reviewed Exploring the Namena Barrier Reef in Fiji

    In good weather this long narrow, open water reef provides an ideal environment for larger fish and smaller sharks, like silver tip sharks and grey reef sharks. There are a couple of popular diving and snorkelling sites along the reefs ridge, but as wit…"

  20. Daniella May reviewed Snorkeling East of Eden, Koh Payu in Thailand

    This is my second favourite snorkeling island of the Similan group, it’s fringed by a shallow reef of plate and staghorn corals highlighted by a couple of massive sea fans which starts almost straight off the beach. One of the most beautiful bommies I’v…"

  21. Daniella May rated Snorkeling East of Eden, Koh Payu

  22. Daniella May reviewed Off the coast of Koh Bangu and the Similan Islands in Thailand

    With pale sandy sea floors and delicate reefs of hard coral on one side and rocky boulder strewn jungles of soft corals and fans on the other, the Similan Islands provide a diverse environment for divers and snorkelers. Nine islands make up the Similan …"

  23. Daniella May rated Off the coast of Koh Bangu and the Similan Islands

  24. Daniella May reviewed Snorkel with sharks-Burma Banks in Burma

    Without giving too much away and spoiling the excitement of discovering your own underwater wonderland I would recommend divers and snorkelers visit Burma for the Burma Banks area. The region is a raised reef plateau starting at depths of only 30 feet f…"

  25. Daniella May rated Snorkel with sharks-Burma Banks

  26. Daniella May reviewed Snorkel with Humpbacks in Rurutu in French Polynesia

    Rurutu is a small but lush and bountiful island with a colourful barrier reef edging on to the lagoon. If you like seeing bigger fish and sharks in clear water then this, and Tahiti in general, is the place to come. I’ve seen hammerheads, white t…"

  27. Daniella May rated Snorkel with Humpbacks in Rurutu